Friday, June 16, 2017


 After exploring the bottle house Hubby and I drove around the corner to a little park and boardwalk. 
We enjoyed the views but were starting to get hungry so we set out to find lunch. While I had packed us a cooler in case - when at the coast, get some fresh sea food.
Cheesy photo op, check!

Upon the recommendation at tourism stop we drove up the road to a bar and had lovely grouper sandwiches. Bellies full we set out to our next stop, the Crooked River Lighthouse.
 I know I have posted photos here at least once or twice before when we stopped in on the way back from St George Island but we had never visited during the open hours. 

 The keeper's cabin has been turned into a mini museum and gift shop. I bought a pin and some postcards.

Since we were there during open hours the lighthouse was open to climb for a small fee that goes to the upkeep of the light. Now, I DO NOT like small places or heights so climbing lighthouses is not my favorite activity, in fact the last one I climbed I swore would be my last I was so unnerved by the experience (and that lighthouse was 20+ feet shorter than the Crooked River Light). We sat outside for an hour while I talked myself up to the task, we saw an older couple climb it and not die before I was able to do it. We payed our $5 each and started the climb. 
The Crooked River Lighthouse climb is 103 feet to the gallery, the climb up was steep but not as panic inducing as I expected. When the steps narrowed we knew we were close, the lens is barred off for protection but with a well placed camera you can sneak a good peak.
The gallery (deck around the top) was breathtaking, quite literally. It was so high up, we could feel the structure sway slightly in the breeze. 
 The climb back down was terrifying for me, Hubby went first and had to talk me down every so often but I did it! I don't want climb all the lighthouses in Florida but this climb helped a little with my fear, I might try another one in the future.

Our prize

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