Friday, March 10, 2017

Beach Weekend part 2

Saturday was the Scottish/renaissance/fantasy/British car show festival. It was the first year grouping everything together but the organizers did a great job. I am going to try to attend next year if possible and maybe bring a few friends. I didn't get many pictures of the festivities because I was having too much fun. Hubby and I splurged at the Scottish bakery booth, we were sad we had missed them when we skipped the last ren faire so I think we went a bit overboard (we have had lovely breakfasts all week though). One the way back to camp we stopped at goodwill and I found a pair of Irregular Choice heels and a nice pair of waterproof camping boots. 

We wanted to catch another sunset since it was our last evening in the park so we biked down to the big pier. We had never made it down to that part of the park before so it was a treat and we were rewarded with a glorious sunset over the ocean. 

We got back to camp just after dark so we built a big roaring fire and roasted weenies for dinner. It was a great ending for a lovely trip.

I have a few more photos from our adventures on the way home so check back soon.

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