Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Saturday Morning Coffee

Life has been busy yet boring. As I have mentioned before I don't get much time out of athletic clothes and I'm lucky if my hair has been washed in the past week. Last Saturday for a treat I woke up early and pampered myself with dressing up and going out to get coffee and pastries with Hubby.
I bought a petticoat on sale from Sock Dreams about a month back and I've been dying to wear it, I haven't worn a petticoat since I was a very oddly dressed child (I honestly would have worn this outfit in elementary school and almost always wore full skirts and petticoats). The petticoat I bought was purple to go with a few of the dresses I had made but as it turned out it was too full to wear with all the dresses I planned to wear with it so it has been fun finding different dresses/skirts to pair it with.

Luckily for me this dress has a great circle skirt and is the perfect length and I like the pop of bright purple that gets flashed when I sit.

Outfit details

Cropped Cardi- LeBomb Shop
Dress- Retrolicious
Belt- from another dress
Shoes- Clarks, thrifted
Cat earrings- Avon, old
Brooch- thrifted
Lipstick- American Beauty by Besame Cosmetics

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Monday, March 13, 2017

Beach Weekend part 3

We had scones (from the Scottish bakery) with butter and honey for breakfast then packed up camp. I had brought food for lunch but we decided to eat out since we were right on the coast and we knew the seafood would be nice and fresh. We stopped at a little restaurant that had great kitschy decor, it was some of the best fish and chips I'd ever had and the hush puppies were out of this world. After stuffing ourselves we set course for home.

Google usually routes us through small boring back roads so we decided to take the coastal road home, it takes a bit longer but the views of the gulf are worth it. Our first stop was Mexico Beach, we pulled over at the visitor center (which was closed since it was Sunday) so we stopped to take photos with the silly over sized beach chair.

In the visitor center parking lot
 After taking cheesy photos we hopped back in the car and went in search of a bathroom, we pulled over at the public pier, they had bathrooms but the woman's was out of toilet paper and the men's was trashed/disgusting. I grabbed some TP from the men's then went back to the woman's.
 The breeze was strong and the water was very choppy.
After strolling the pier we got back in the car drove till we hit Port St. Joe and we spotted the lighthouse.

The lighthouse was moved to it's current location in 2014 and I hadn't seen it since it moved. Once again the downside of road tripping on Sunday afternoons, everything is closed. Hubby and I will have to make a midweek trip someday so we can get more info and MAYBE climb it (last lighthouse I climbed I swore was my last but we'll see).

 We said goodbye to the lighthouse and traveled on.

Our last stop was a historic cemetery in Apalachicola. The sun was starting to set so we couldn't stay long and Hubby had to pull me and my dying camera out otherwise I think I would have photograph every stone there.
 The cemetery had unfortunately seen lots of vandalism and  many of the stones had been toppled and destroyed. While I didn't get many photos since my camera died, there were even wooden plaques.

grave flowers

I really want to take a day trip to Apalachicola soon so I can see a few of the museums and take the full walking tour of the Chestnut Street Cemetery and the rest of the historic downtown.

It really was a delightful trip and it's sad to think this will probably will be our last camping trip till autumn.

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Friday, March 10, 2017

Beach Weekend part 2

Saturday was the Scottish/renaissance/fantasy/British car show festival. It was the first year grouping everything together but the organizers did a great job. I am going to try to attend next year if possible and maybe bring a few friends. I didn't get many pictures of the festivities because I was having too much fun. Hubby and I splurged at the Scottish bakery booth, we were sad we had missed them when we skipped the last ren faire so I think we went a bit overboard (we have had lovely breakfasts all week though). One the way back to camp we stopped at goodwill and I found a pair of Irregular Choice heels and a nice pair of waterproof camping boots. 

We wanted to catch another sunset since it was our last evening in the park so we biked down to the big pier. We had never made it down to that part of the park before so it was a treat and we were rewarded with a glorious sunset over the ocean. 

We got back to camp just after dark so we built a big roaring fire and roasted weenies for dinner. It was a great ending for a lovely trip.

I have a few more photos from our adventures on the way home so check back soon.

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