Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Long Time, camping day 1

Long time no write. Unfortunately blogging just doesn't fit into my schedule much anymore. I still dress up from time to time but it is usually in the evenings now and too dark to get photos. I've been spending so much of my life in yoga pants and tank tops lately (for work) when I put on "real clothes" it has just been jeans and Tee Turtle shirts. 
But...jeans are tees are perfect for camping! Hubby and I got away on a camping trip this past weekend, I booked months ago for the ren faire but in the end we decided to skip the faire and spend our time away just the two of us, Hubby has had lots of stress at work for the past several months so it was nice to unwind and unplug. It was our first time camping at Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park and for sure it won't be our last. We arrived at the park just after the 3 pm check but drove to the visitor center and observation tower before setting up camp. We spotted a small group of wild horses on the prairie and watched them graze in the distance. 
The visitor center (designed to mimic a sandhill crane) looks out to the prairie.

A bison head mounted in the visitor center. The park has a herd of bison but we weren't lucky enough to spot it on our trip.
The 50 foot tall observation tower

A large group of school children was running around and not being fond of children, especially in large groups, we retired to camp and set up our gear. We weren't hungry yet after setting up so we took a short trail from the back of the campground to a lovely lake and watched the sunset.

 Shirt from TeeTurtle in relaxed woman's fit. I admit, I'm on my way to owning most of the TeeTurtle bunny shirts, they just get me.

 When the sun dipped below the trees we walked back to camp and started a fire to cook dinner.
Yum, everything tastes better when cooked over a campfire. We had corn, baked beans, and sausages.
After dinner we sat around the fire and watched the stars. It was a cool and clear evening with a new moon, the clouds however rolled in around 9 pm so we retired early.

Stay tuned for the next post with our hiking adventures and lots of pictures.