Monday, February 13, 2017

Camping Day 3

Our third and last day camping was short, as check out was at 1 pm. I cooked us a quick pepper omelette then we started packing up. I'm glad we started early because we were the last spot on the campground loop and right next to the dump station for the RV toilet tanks.We got stuck in, unable to leave, while what seemed like every RV in the campground emptied their tanks. After the parade of RVs finished we had just finished packing up. We checked out and drove to one of the popular trails that was on the other end of the prairie. Luckily we managed to find a parking spot, Sunday afternoon must be THE day to hike.
After we got out on the trail we understood why it was so popular, the trail went through an old cattle barn and opened up onto a wood boardwalk that let out onto a long plateau that led through a swamp and into the prairie. The amount of wildlife was amazing. We saw so many gators and birds, several groups of horses, and near the end of the trail hundreds of sandhill cranes.

This great blue had a nice snack

Grazing in the water weed
Flying cranes

The memorial at the observation platform at the end of the trail

Sandhill Crane have a striking red cap on their heads
A cormorant battling for a meal, the fish got away several times but eventually the bird got it's lunch

We really enjoyed our short trip to the prairie. We have certainly added it to visit again list, I would love to go in the spring to see the greenery and flowers in full force.

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