Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Foggy Day

This past weekend really knocked me on my rear. Friday night Hubby told me the check engine light had come in on Jetta so Saturday morning we planned on taking it to the auto parts store to get the code read but the car would not start. It not only had a bad battery but also electrical issues, we spent the whole day trying to work on the issues and getting it to turn over with no luck. Sunday morning we finally got it to turn over so we let it run to build up a bit of a charge then took it down to get the check engine code read. It was not a good diagnoses, and we were looking at BIG repair bills coupled with the issue of finding parts that are no longer being made. Hubby and I made the tough call to purchase a new to us car instead of repairing the Jetta. It has been no secret I have wanted to get a newer car, I have been researching and test driving cars for months now so luckily we weren't totally overwhelmed by what to get. By a stroke of luck I found the model car I had wanted in a color I loved with under 25,000 miles. It will be tough working around a car payment now but should be easier on our finances than paying high interest credit payments on repair bills for a 20 year old car that might not even last another year. I have been thankful to have had the Jetta the past 3 years, Hubby's Grandmother would have been glad it lasted as long as it did.


This morning was incredibly foggy, I could barely even see our neighbor's house. Iwoke up a bit early so I look my extra time to tromp through a few cemeteries and take some photos. 
 I stopped at the Phillip's mausoleum first because face it, you can't get much spookier than this thing in the fog. 

This stone always tugs on my heart

Next I visited the Old City Cemetery. It is decaying more and more, while the grounds are maintained it is sad seeing so much history crumble into the ground.
This photo almost feels like New England to me
Confederate graves
Union graves

This was probably my favorite shot of the day
Some Bunny Loves Ya!