Tuesday, November 22, 2016


I've been going back and forth about continuing this blog. On one hand I enjoy sharing my outfits and on the other it can be draining trying to find photo locations and writing about my (fairly boring) life. I started blogging as a way to get myself to go out and do more stuff because I had turned into somewhat of a hikikomori after leaving my job in 2008 and it had been working until mid this year when I developed an issue with my knee. I had several months of constant pain and depression/anxiety which put a bit of a dampener on blogging, I didn't want to dress up and put on a fake smile for "cute" pictures. Resting my leg seems to be helping but I can't wait to get back to my morning 5 mile walks. I think for now if I take photos I'll post them but I am not going to stress myself over a weekly/monthly quota. The upcoming holidays may inspire me a bit because I love to dress up for them.
I have the week off from doggy walking so yesterday I slept in till 11, I really think my body needed it. Today enjoyed coffee with friends at a local coffee shop. I wore my second fall outfit of the season, it's so nice now that it is cool enough to wear cardigans, tights, and boots.
This autumn I treated myself to 7 of these adorable cropped cardigans in a range of colors- red, white, black, tan, pink, honey, and purple. Pairing pink with this dress may have not been most people's pick of the lot but I am glad I can finally pull out the pink from the leaves. When I made this dress I wanted to make the accents in bright pink but I couldn't match it so I went with rust. 
Outfit details

Brooch- made by me
Cardi- Amazon 
(although I got all the other colors from le bomb shop)
Dress- made by me, fabric from Jo Ann's
Tights- Sock Dreams
Boots- Tommy Hilfiger (outlet)
Purse- Sourpuss (The Oblong Box Shop clearance sale)

This is the face of a chick that already finished her Christmas gift wrapping, yeah, I'm one of "those" people. LOL! I finished knitting months ago. All that's left is baking cookies the week of Christmas.
Every year I make ornaments to put on gifts,  I went simple and quick this year with mini granny squares.
(this is just the first batch)
Have a happy and blessed holiday.

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