Friday, November 4, 2016

Halloween in the Woods year 3

Almost everyone has that one thing that brings them peace, for me it is camping and being in nature. Hubby and I just got back yesterday from our annual Halloween in the Woods trip. This year really has been the year of suck so only a couple of friends were able to join us although we certainly enjoyed the company. Two of our good friends got married the Saturday before Halloween so we started our trip on Sunday the 30th.
We rolled into camp with just enough time to set up camp before the last tour of the Gregory House for the day. The house was undergoing renovations and getting repainted, it was odd seeing it without its trademark green shutters. Unlike last year, nothing "special" happened on the tour. 

Details of the mystery chair in one of the rooms of the house

Hubby and I visited the house every evening while we were at the park to watch the progress on the painting and work, the foreman of crew gave us some oranges at the end of shift one night, it was a nice treat. The porch of the house was the best place to watch bats at dusk, one even flew inches from our faces.

Shutter hooks
After the house tour we all hiked to the stone bridge, we heard creepy footsteps following us all the way.
I love playing troll under the bridge

I made chili for dinner while our friends carved pumpkins. The evening was spent merrily around the fire and watching the amazing stars that were extra visible since it was new moon, we even saw some meteors and what we think was a satellite or a UFO (the jury is still out).
Monday our friends had to head back home. 

I did a a little over 8 miles on Monday, mainly trying to hatch a bunch of pokemon eggs with the candy bonus, too bad data is spotty in the park so I spent lots of time toggling data on and off to try to keep track of my progress.
Spirit Animal Shirt from TeeTurtle in relaxed woman's fit.

 I can't complain about the weather on the trip this year, it was pleasantly mild during the day in the low 80s and in the 60s in the evenings. One day hit 86 but the humidity dropped to 10% which is rather uncommon in North Florida. Wednesday the humidity was up and we had several small rain showers but they were gone as quickly as they came. 
I really upped my camp cooking on this trip, if you follow my instagram you probably lots of pictures. One major contributor is our new cooler, it is a electronic chiller one by Coleman and it is AMAZING! Florida State Parks always have water and power hookups so why not take advantage of them? It keeps all our food at a safe temp (even dairy and meat) and is great for canned drinks too. 

Our camp menu included: 

Vegan Pumpkin Chili 
Fajitas (steak, assorted peppers, and onion topped with cheese and Greek yogurt)
Grilled Cheese and tomato soup
Breakfast burritos with egg, cheese, and sausage
Sausages, baked beans, and sauteed squash
French toast with whole grain bread and eggs
Fire roasted potatoes with Greek yogurt and cheese and sauteed squash

I can't wait to expand what we can take on our trips thanks to the chilled cooler.
Long exposure shot of hot coals
Still nothing like the taste of food cooked over the fire.

I have so many more pictures and anecdotes from our trip so stay tuned for hiking tales and some cool night photography.

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