Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Cat Lady

These photos were taken just after we got back from camping and after I refreshed my purple. I am currently fading the purple to go solid black again but the purple was fun while it lasted and I got so many compliments on it.
Years ago this was one of the "blogger" dresses, it seemed that if you fashion blogged you had this dress. I couldn't afford it back then and when I could it disappeared. Luckily (while I had some funds) Retrolicious brought it back and I snapped one up. I can't say it is really worth the $90 price tag since the stitching looks like they had a bobbin problem and didn't fix and it had loose threads all over it but every once and a while it is nice not to have to sew a dress. The quality is still there but I wish they had better quality control.
Could there be a better print for me? Well, maybe if they made a bunny version, but still I am a crazy cat lady. The adorable cat in a goldfish bowl brooch was a Christmas gift from a dear friend.
I've gotten some sleep this week and my leg and arches haven't been giving me fits. 
Dress- Retrolicious
Brooch- gift
Belt- Clothing Swap
Shoes- Outlet

Eyeshadow- theBalm
Eyeliner- Eyeko  FAT Liquid Liner and 
Thrive Cosmetics Infinity Waterproof eyeliner
Blush- e.l.f.
Lips- Colourpop Ultra Metallic Lip in Mugshot
Brows- Colourpop

It's going to be a busy couple of weeks. This week I am wrapping my handmade gifts, making tags, and working on the yearly ornaments to give away. I just finished baking 3.5 dozen cowboy cornbread muffins for Hubby's department Thanksgiving get together tomorrow and we have a pretty busy weekend coming up too. I just scheduled my birthday tattoo, I opted to get it a month before my birthday so it won't be dry and itchy over Christmas like last year. I am getting the sister tattoo to my sewing one (a yarn ball) and touching up the sewing one at the same time. We will have the car I'm driving in the shop next week so cross your fingers for me it will be done by the day before Thanksgiving because it is going to be a super busy day.

Some Bunny Loves You!