Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Bird or the Cage

Bird or the cage? 

The bird is beautiful and the cage is somber but there is really something special about it. I just can't decide.
I find it rather funny that I should end up with a dress with this print the same week Hubby started replaying BioShock Infinite. I jumped on the Folter 2016 $20.16 sale and they only had a few dresses left in my size, this was the one I chose, I'm a sucker for a cute collar. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality, it was much better than my cat dress from their sister company.
Outfit details

Necklace- Vintage
Dress- Folter
Cardi- LeBomb Shop
Tulle Underskirt- Avant-Garb
Purse- Sourpuss
Tights- Sock Dreams
Shoes- Payless

Lips- Surprise, Hello Kitty Collection by Colourpop
I grabbed this tulle skirt from an adorable local joint on Small Business Saturday, I don't know if it is meant to be an underskirt or not but I works great for one and adds a little poof  (but not too much) to dresses. I see myself wearing it often, especially in cooler weather. 
If you have a keen eye you may notice something new in most of these photos- my early birthday tattoo. I promise to get pictures once it heals, right now it is a bit sore. I got it early so it wouldn't be healing over Christmas like last year. Once again Kate at Euphoria Tattoos did an amazing job, too bad it will be my last for a while.

I lucked out in the Pin Up Girl Clothing sales last week and now I am the proud owner of my very first Pin Up Contour dress! The weather is rather gloomy and will be for another day or so I have to wait get photos. It will probably make an appearance at one of the the bazillion holiday events coming up.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Throw Back

When charging my camera and uploading pictures from yesterday I realized I had some old photos I never shared. These photos were from Oktoberfest and before I stuffed myself at a 5 course beer pairing dinner.

I picked up this beautiful vintage dirndl at The Other Side Vintage. At some point in it's life someone had let it out but I was able to take it back down to the original size which happens to fit me perfectly. I also picked up the apron at the shop because I was too lazy to make one, I altered it a bit to work with this outfit though. The blouse is my go to chemise for costumes, I must have made it 8 or so years ago and it is still going strong.

We took the photos at the beautiful Brokaw - McDougall House 
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Tuesday, November 22, 2016


I've been going back and forth about continuing this blog. On one hand I enjoy sharing my outfits and on the other it can be draining trying to find photo locations and writing about my (fairly boring) life. I started blogging as a way to get myself to go out and do more stuff because I had turned into somewhat of a hikikomori after leaving my job in 2008 and it had been working until mid this year when I developed an issue with my knee. I had several months of constant pain and depression/anxiety which put a bit of a dampener on blogging, I didn't want to dress up and put on a fake smile for "cute" pictures. Resting my leg seems to be helping but I can't wait to get back to my morning 5 mile walks. I think for now if I take photos I'll post them but I am not going to stress myself over a weekly/monthly quota. The upcoming holidays may inspire me a bit because I love to dress up for them.
I have the week off from doggy walking so yesterday I slept in till 11, I really think my body needed it. Today enjoyed coffee with friends at a local coffee shop. I wore my second fall outfit of the season, it's so nice now that it is cool enough to wear cardigans, tights, and boots.
This autumn I treated myself to 7 of these adorable cropped cardigans in a range of colors- red, white, black, tan, pink, honey, and purple. Pairing pink with this dress may have not been most people's pick of the lot but I am glad I can finally pull out the pink from the leaves. When I made this dress I wanted to make the accents in bright pink but I couldn't match it so I went with rust. 
Outfit details

Brooch- made by me
Cardi- Amazon 
(although I got all the other colors from le bomb shop)
Dress- made by me, fabric from Jo Ann's
Tights- Sock Dreams
Boots- Tommy Hilfiger (outlet)
Purse- Sourpuss (The Oblong Box Shop clearance sale)

This is the face of a chick that already finished her Christmas gift wrapping, yeah, I'm one of "those" people. LOL! I finished knitting months ago. All that's left is baking cookies the week of Christmas.
Every year I make ornaments to put on gifts,  I went simple and quick this year with mini granny squares.
(this is just the first batch)
Have a happy and blessed holiday.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Cat Lady

These photos were taken just after we got back from camping and after I refreshed my purple. I am currently fading the purple to go solid black again but the purple was fun while it lasted and I got so many compliments on it.
Years ago this was one of the "blogger" dresses, it seemed that if you fashion blogged you had this dress. I couldn't afford it back then and when I could it disappeared. Luckily (while I had some funds) Retrolicious brought it back and I snapped one up. I can't say it is really worth the $90 price tag since the stitching looks like they had a bobbin problem and didn't fix and it had loose threads all over it but every once and a while it is nice not to have to sew a dress. The quality is still there but I wish they had better quality control.
Could there be a better print for me? Well, maybe if they made a bunny version, but still I am a crazy cat lady. The adorable cat in a goldfish bowl brooch was a Christmas gift from a dear friend.
I've gotten some sleep this week and my leg and arches haven't been giving me fits. 
Dress- Retrolicious
Brooch- gift
Belt- Clothing Swap
Shoes- Outlet

Eyeshadow- theBalm
Eyeliner- Eyeko  FAT Liquid Liner and 
Thrive Cosmetics Infinity Waterproof eyeliner
Blush- e.l.f.
Lips- Colourpop Ultra Metallic Lip in Mugshot
Brows- Colourpop

It's going to be a busy couple of weeks. This week I am wrapping my handmade gifts, making tags, and working on the yearly ornaments to give away. I just finished baking 3.5 dozen cowboy cornbread muffins for Hubby's department Thanksgiving get together tomorrow and we have a pretty busy weekend coming up too. I just scheduled my birthday tattoo, I opted to get it a month before my birthday so it won't be dry and itchy over Christmas like last year. I am getting the sister tattoo to my sewing one (a yarn ball) and touching up the sewing one at the same time. We will have the car I'm driving in the shop next week so cross your fingers for me it will be done by the day before Thanksgiving because it is going to be a super busy day.

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Friday, November 11, 2016


This week has been hard. I have not gotten much sleep and I have not made the best food choices. I have been deeply worried about my good friends that are even closer to me than family. I don't know if everything will be okay but I will do my best to shine bright and spread love and happiness the best I can. I may be shy but if I can help stand up for you I will. I promise to be a safe place. 
Sweater- lebombshop
Dress- made by me from vintage fabric
Tights- Sock Dreams
Purse- thrifted

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Monday, November 7, 2016

Halloween in the Woods year 3 part 3

These are the last of the camping photos and some of the ones I have been most excited about. Just a warning, if you are on a mobile device you will probably have to turn your brightness all the way up to see some of the contrast.
From the overlook in the campground looking to the dam
 We brought our DSLR camera and a tripod to attempt some night photography. These were all taken with a 30 second exposure (the max on our camera). An longer exposure would have captured a bit more but I was overjoyed with our first try and was pleased with how many stars we did catch.
same location with the branch illuminated by flashlight
We took these on Halloween night
 The front and back of the Gregory House with flashlight. 

This might have been the scariest thing I have ever done, both of us had chills the whole time. There is absolutely no night at the house and it was a new moon. The rangers don't talk about it but I have heard first hand accounts of a presence in the house and I have an experience in it.
The dam from the overlook at the house 
I love the slight silhouettes of the trees.
We weren't lucky enough to catch any meteors in the photos but we did see a handful the first night.

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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Halloween in the Woods year 3 part 2

This year Hubby and I got to do some hiking together. I am still nursing an injured leg but I considered this trip my last hurrah before really going into the recovery I need (even if I die of boredom). I always have trouble slowing down when I need to.
As said in the last post I got in around 8 miles on Monday but my leg wasn't happy about that at all so I took it easy the rest of the trip with short hikes. Tuesday we set out in search of the old cemetery on the grounds, the rangers won't tell you where it is and it is no longer on park maps because they have problems with looters. We turned off the wrong way but found the park boundary fence that was pretty cool to see, it even goes deep into the gorges, I would not have wanted to plant those posts.
While it is autumn and most things have died back we saw lots of cute little wildflowers in the various tall grasses.
This was one of the big drop offs, The trees on the bottom were super tall, this photo does not do justice to what a massive drop it was (especially for Florida).
The trail led out onto one of the outlooks, I got a little dizzy and didn't stay out there too long because I did not think I would be in good shape if I fell down the cliff.
 X-files Logo shirt from Torrid on a BOGO free sale, how could I resist?
After hiking we drove to the Gregory House and enjoyed the view for a while before heading back to camp.
Tuesday, after consulting with a friend via email, we set out again in hopes of finding the cemetery and this time we were successful. Our friend had mentioned last time he found it it looked like it had been looted but when we came across it it all the stones were planted correctly and there was a little flag by one of the graves. The stones were old and weathered, several had the remnants of wording but what I saw it looked new-ish and very sloppy, maybe it was vandals years ago and not the original text.
Shirt is from TeeFury, I got it as a gift and it has become my official camping shirt.

See how small the stones are? We asked the ranger if he knew about the family after we assured him we loved old cemeteries and would never harm one, he said the name matched with a family in a neighboring area but he didn't know more. He pointed us toward a small town headed back to town that had the graves of some of the Gregory family (that owned the big house) and if I hadn't gotten stung by a yellow jacket on my palm when we were packing up we would have gone in search of it, by that point I was tired and in pain and just wanted to get home.
 The area surrounding the cemetery was covered with adorable moss "puff balls", it was what drew me to the area first then I saw the graves.

After paying our respects at the graves we hiked back just in time for lunch.
To my surprise after lunch Hubby wanted to go out again and see the waterfall. It was our last full day there so I agreed. When we were getting on the trail a ranger warned hubby to change into hiking boots to protect his feet from copperheads as they still were active in the park because of warm temps. We had been lucky all week in not spotting one so Hubby took his chances in his crocs but thanked the ranger for the warning. We made it the whole trip without seeing any type of snake let alone a copperhead, thank goodness! I am pretty sure I would have a heart attack if we ran into a pit viper even if neither of us got bitten.
A tree at the waterfall is a popular spot for lover's initials.
This is an enormous tree by the Weeping Ridge lookout, the woodpeckers really enjoy it.

We didn't see much wildlife this trip apart from squirrels stashing nuts and bats hunting. A pair of pileated woodpeckers keep us company in the trees across from our campsite, their laugh like calls were fun to hear and we enjoyed watching them come and go. Our night visitors were little armadillos and an adorable trio of juvenile raccoons. 

I still have one more post coming with some night photos.

Some Bunny Lovea You!