Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Red Lipstick

What a crazy few weeks it has been. Our town got hit by a hurricane and has only just is getting around to be normal again. I don't know if it because we are a college town (aka young generation) or just the sheer desperation after the storm hit but it was crazy dangerous driving anywhere for the first few days. The town was about 80% without power and I guess people don't learn what to do when a traffic light is out anymore, that along with dodging downed trees and power lines was quite the experience. Now I know it's hot here, I whine often about it even though I love the heat, but even a few hours without AC made so many people go insane. We only lost power for 2 days and our animals were very happy when it came back on. Our friend group was amazing, those with power opened their houses and grills. We luckily didn't loose all our food since I prepped and had our big camping coolers ready to go with ice and mega ice packs but we, like almost everyone else in town, lost at least a hundred dollars worth of frozen/refrigerated food. I think the thing I was most sad thing about the loss was all the food from our garden I had frozen. I was able to save the tomatoes and make a huge batch of tomato sauce but seeing them all go into one thing made me sad, they were supposed to last months. Our poor neighbors right down the road were out of power for six days, the broken poles and wires are still sitting on the side of the road. My parents' farm still doesn't have power because my parents have a private pole and have to wait for an electrician to put up a new one before the power company will hook the house back up.
One of the things I had planned to do over the Labor Day weekend was sew a new dress but without power it had to take a rain-check. carries the amazing lipstick print that Bernie Dexter is using right now so of course it was an instant buy. I had planned on buying enough to make a duplicate but the black print sold out so fast I only managed to get 3 yards and it was in two pieces. I am glad I didn't make the duplicate now though, the metallic paint on it makes it crazy hard to work with. The darts wouldn't lay even (even with pressing),  I couldn't use seam binding to turn the edges, I barely ended up being able to double turn the neck, and only managed to single turn the arm holes. I'm hoping with a wash or two the stiffness will lessen so it will lay better, I did wash it once before I started. Despite how it lays it still looks amazing in person.
I picked up this vintage costume jewelry brooch/earring set on Poshmark, how perfect is it? The seller had bought it in Seoul, South Korea many years ago.
Outfit details

Hairclip- thrifted
Vintage Lipstick Jewelry- Poshmark
Dress- made by me, Butterick 5982
Fabric from Fabric.com1 | 2 | 3
Belt- MIL closet clear out
Shoes- Crocs, Poshmark


Brows- Colourpop Brow Pot in Black 'n Brown
Eyeshadow- Cargo Swimmables Shadow Stick **
Liner- Eyeko Fat Liquid Eyeliner** &
Colourpop Creme Gel liner in Get Payed *
Blush- e.l.f.
Lipstick- NYX Liquid Suede in Kitten Heels *
Fingernails- Essie Strut Your Stuff
Toenails- Bikini So Teeny

I just got this tattoo reinked yesterday, I'm so excited. It is very special to me but age had taken it's toll on it so it called for a redo. It was amazing just after the outline how much fresher it looked and the new colors really pop. Now all my bigger tattoos are all under a year old so they should fade evenly. Now to get my wrist Triforce updated, it's hardly yellow anymore...maybe next year.
Until next time,
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