Saturday, August 13, 2016


This week has been so much better than the last. Yuki's passing is still always on my mind but I finally have gotten past crying daily. The Yuki lookalike stuffed animal I bought on Etsy should arrive this week, I think it will live on my dresser. 

The capital building stands out against the cloudy sky
I had Friday off so Mom and I were able to hang out at normal time this week. We got Chinese for lunch then went to Museum of Florida History to see the quilt show. We had planned to go last week but we got rained out (Mom doesn't like to drive in the rain). Even if you aren't a quilter I highly recommend a trip to see the quilts. This year's theme is By the Water's Edge, there are so many lovely takes on the theme. It shouldn't be a surprise that I am drawn to ocean imagery, you have probably seen it often if you follow the blog.

I asked the docent for permission to photograph the quilts, I apologize for not having the artist information on the quilts, I was so caught up in admiring the work I forgot to snap close ups of the labels. Again, it is worth the trip so why not check them out in person too, there are many more than just the few I have posted here, along with a whole wall of ones that are up for auction.
Above is the opportunity quilt that is up for raffle, the tickets are $2 each or 3 for $5

Of course I found a mermaid

Some rainbow goodness.
An adorable way to use yoyos.
State flag quilt

Some Bunny Loves You!