Saturday, August 20, 2016


This has been an interesting week. I've been having problems with my car so I have been saving up to maybe get a newer used car. Last Saturday I dragged Hubby out and we went to several used car lots to see some cars I had found online. The first lot was a disaster, they had several cars I had been really excited about seeing, a Passat Wagon and a Volvo sedan, but both were in such bad external shape I would have had to get them repainted and they weren't worth the price. I was quite upset about the wagon being in such bad shape, I really want a wagon or a hatchback. We hit several other lots but everything was severely overpriced. The last lot we tried had a cute VW Rabbit that I took out for a test drive but the transmission was shot and I'm surprised it didn't drop out on the test drive. After the Rabbit I tried a manual Beetle and it was super fun to drive, I really was tempted by it but after the test drive I did more research on the New Beetle and found out it probably wasn't the best purchase. After much soul searching and research I opted to try to fix up my 20 year old Jetta rather than getting an overpriced newer model VW. 

I had Monday off so we took my car down to the shop with the list of items that needed fixing. We live close to the shop so I walked home which took me through my favorite cemetery. Tuesday I walked to my client's house and my Hubby picked me up for lunch and took me home. Wednesday morning my car wasn't finished yet so I had a very hot 5 mile round trip to and back from work, it was a heat index of 95 when I left my house and 105 when I returned. My favorite coffee shop was on the way home so I stopped in for a cold brew on the way back. I had been worried that the long walk would tax my knee too much but surprisingly it did very well. I have been taking it easy to heal an injury and it is almost back to normal thank goodness. 

My car got finished up just before closing on Wednesday, they were able to fix the flooding problem (my car has been full of water for months) and the locking mechanism. Luckily when my car stopped being able to lock it got stuck unlocked, my car has to be fully unlocked to put gas in. Although the repairs were a little more than I planned the shop was very good and everything was well worth the price. Operation refurbish little car is going well, I put on new tires this week too. Although my tread was still pretty good, 8-6, the tires were old and needed replacing, the difference in handling was noticeable on the drive home. I have ordered new parts for ones that need replacing and after those get put on I think car will be every bit as good or better than any used car on a lot in town. I had put off fixing her for so long because I only drove once every two weeks, now I am driving daily.
After the stressful week of car repairs I treated Hubby (and myself) to a 5 course beer pairing dinner at a local restaurant. The menu was fabulous as always. The dinner is quite casual but I take any chance I can get to dress up. This is one of Hubby's favorite dresses on me, I paired it with a vintage jewelry set that was recently given to me by his parents, it was Hubby's paternal grandmother's set. It shouldn't be a surprise I love sparkly things, especially vintage sparkly things. This set is truly stunning, it is a three strand cut glass AB finish necklace and cluster clip-on earrings. It even came in the original box from the department store. I will always treasure it and I love being able to pull it out and wear it on special occasions.
This is one of my favorite photo locations but it was recently sold and they are stripping the murals, it's sad to see them go.

Outfit details:
Jewelry- Vintage, gift
Dress- Hell Bunny (ruffle added by me)
Shoes- ModCloth, sale

Brows: Colourpop
Eyeliner- Eyeko Fat Liquid Liner Pen
 (bonus for signing back up for Birchbox)
Eye Shadow- Meet Matt(e) Trimony Palette (ipsy deal)
Lips: NYX Liquid Suede in Kitten Heels (ipsy bag)
Nails: OPI Coco-Cola Red

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