Friday, August 26, 2016


Lately I have been selling off some of my shoes that I no longer wear on Poshmark. Not only have a cleared out some of my closet, I have also had some Posh credit to play with. When I stumbled across this dress and it was an instant buy. It is the same brand as the one in my post a couple of weeks back, it is a little too big in the waist but overall I adore it. I am always excited to add more red to my wardrobe, I have been told it is my color and I wholeheartedly agree. I tend to lean towards warm colors more than cool.
The past few days have had a nice breeze. I love warm weather but the pup I walk gets hot on our walks (guess I would too if I couldn't sweat) and even a bit of a breeze makes it so much more pleasant for him.
I just got a new seatbelt pad (a pink shag one) and it is shedding a bit, time to put a lint roller in the car
Outfit Details

Earrings- Disney
Dress- Hearts and Roses London (bought secondhand)
Shoes- Rocket Dog (bought secondhand)


Retro Pony- Local hair shop
Brows: Colourpop
Eyeliner- Eyeko Fat Liquid Liner Pen
 (bonus for signing back up for Birchbox)
Eye Shadow- Meet Matt(e) Trimony Palette (ipsy deal)
Lips: NYX Liquid Suede in Kitten Heels (ipsy bag)
Setting spray- elf
Nails: OPI Coco-Cola Red

Clip in ponytails are the way to go in hot weather. It looks like you spent forever on your hair with only a few minutes work. I swear my hair took less than five minutes to put my hair in a bun, dry shampoo my bangs and tease them a bit, then put on the ponytail. Plus it is a great way to hide two (or three) day hair. And now that that horrid burgundy dye mess is almost out of my roots my hair almost matches my ponytail again. Needless to say, water/sweat proof makeup and setting spray is a godsend too.

The 2016 Ravellenic Games were a success. I challenged myself and was able to medal in 3 events.
I made a TARDIS shawl, a granny square bag, and 3 large knitted winter headbands.

I earned some laurels too. The last one is for number of projects.

Apart from my car repairs, things have been pretty uneventful lately so I have had lots of time for KnitFlixing (currently watching Murdoch Mysteries). The Ravellenics really revved me up,  I liked the headband pattern so much I bought more chunky yarn and I am knitting them for holiday gifts. I hadn't picked up my knitting needles for several years so it was nice to get excited about knitting again, I mainly crochet nowadays.

I am looking forward to a quiet evening in tonight. Fridays are my "me" day, I have a glass or two of wine, paint my nails, soak my feet, and do a facial mask.

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Saturday, August 20, 2016


This has been an interesting week. I've been having problems with my car so I have been saving up to maybe get a newer used car. Last Saturday I dragged Hubby out and we went to several used car lots to see some cars I had found online. The first lot was a disaster, they had several cars I had been really excited about seeing, a Passat Wagon and a Volvo sedan, but both were in such bad external shape I would have had to get them repainted and they weren't worth the price. I was quite upset about the wagon being in such bad shape, I really want a wagon or a hatchback. We hit several other lots but everything was severely overpriced. The last lot we tried had a cute VW Rabbit that I took out for a test drive but the transmission was shot and I'm surprised it didn't drop out on the test drive. After the Rabbit I tried a manual Beetle and it was super fun to drive, I really was tempted by it but after the test drive I did more research on the New Beetle and found out it probably wasn't the best purchase. After much soul searching and research I opted to try to fix up my 20 year old Jetta rather than getting an overpriced newer model VW. 

I had Monday off so we took my car down to the shop with the list of items that needed fixing. We live close to the shop so I walked home which took me through my favorite cemetery. Tuesday I walked to my client's house and my Hubby picked me up for lunch and took me home. Wednesday morning my car wasn't finished yet so I had a very hot 5 mile round trip to and back from work, it was a heat index of 95 when I left my house and 105 when I returned. My favorite coffee shop was on the way home so I stopped in for a cold brew on the way back. I had been worried that the long walk would tax my knee too much but surprisingly it did very well. I have been taking it easy to heal an injury and it is almost back to normal thank goodness. 

My car got finished up just before closing on Wednesday, they were able to fix the flooding problem (my car has been full of water for months) and the locking mechanism. Luckily when my car stopped being able to lock it got stuck unlocked, my car has to be fully unlocked to put gas in. Although the repairs were a little more than I planned the shop was very good and everything was well worth the price. Operation refurbish little car is going well, I put on new tires this week too. Although my tread was still pretty good, 8-6, the tires were old and needed replacing, the difference in handling was noticeable on the drive home. I have ordered new parts for ones that need replacing and after those get put on I think car will be every bit as good or better than any used car on a lot in town. I had put off fixing her for so long because I only drove once every two weeks, now I am driving daily.
After the stressful week of car repairs I treated Hubby (and myself) to a 5 course beer pairing dinner at a local restaurant. The menu was fabulous as always. The dinner is quite casual but I take any chance I can get to dress up. This is one of Hubby's favorite dresses on me, I paired it with a vintage jewelry set that was recently given to me by his parents, it was Hubby's paternal grandmother's set. It shouldn't be a surprise I love sparkly things, especially vintage sparkly things. This set is truly stunning, it is a three strand cut glass AB finish necklace and cluster clip-on earrings. It even came in the original box from the department store. I will always treasure it and I love being able to pull it out and wear it on special occasions.
This is one of my favorite photo locations but it was recently sold and they are stripping the murals, it's sad to see them go.

Outfit details:
Jewelry- Vintage, gift
Dress- Hell Bunny (ruffle added by me)
Shoes- ModCloth, sale

Brows: Colourpop
Eyeliner- Eyeko Fat Liquid Liner Pen
 (bonus for signing back up for Birchbox)
Eye Shadow- Meet Matt(e) Trimony Palette (ipsy deal)
Lips: NYX Liquid Suede in Kitten Heels (ipsy bag)
Nails: OPI Coco-Cola Red

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Saturday, August 13, 2016


This week has been so much better than the last. Yuki's passing is still always on my mind but I finally have gotten past crying daily. The Yuki lookalike stuffed animal I bought on Etsy should arrive this week, I think it will live on my dresser. 

The capital building stands out against the cloudy sky
I had Friday off so Mom and I were able to hang out at normal time this week. We got Chinese for lunch then went to Museum of Florida History to see the quilt show. We had planned to go last week but we got rained out (Mom doesn't like to drive in the rain). Even if you aren't a quilter I highly recommend a trip to see the quilts. This year's theme is By the Water's Edge, there are so many lovely takes on the theme. It shouldn't be a surprise that I am drawn to ocean imagery, you have probably seen it often if you follow the blog.

I asked the docent for permission to photograph the quilts, I apologize for not having the artist information on the quilts, I was so caught up in admiring the work I forgot to snap close ups of the labels. Again, it is worth the trip so why not check them out in person too, there are many more than just the few I have posted here, along with a whole wall of ones that are up for auction.
Above is the opportunity quilt that is up for raffle, the tickets are $2 each or 3 for $5

Of course I found a mermaid

Some rainbow goodness.
An adorable way to use yoyos.
State flag quilt

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Saturday, August 6, 2016


Ever have one of those weeks you wish you could just restart? That has been my week. Our darling Yuki (bunny) had been having frequent bouts of stasis and I had been able to nurse her out every time but sadly this time I was unable to and she passed away sometime early Monday morning. We had planned to take her to the vet first thing but she left us before we were able to. Least she was comfy at home with her husbun and us rather than a vet office. Hubby took the day off, we waited till the rain passed and laid her to rest next to Mercury and Alice. Her husbun has been coping very well, maybe because the extra cuddles and treats.

When we first brought her home

I rolled my foot this week while walking, I don't take foot/leg injuries lightly after having to be off my feet for nearly 3 months after a 3rd degree sprain about 4 years ago. After I got home I immediately iced and elevated it. I kept it wrapped for the evening too. Luckily it wasn't a bad injury but I am just taking it a little easy to heal (no high heels for me this week).
A friend found this dress at Goodwill and posted it to our clothes group on Facebook, I ran down and grabbed it immediately. I am so glad I did, it was brand new with tags and fits like a glove. I am extra glad I got it too because I had ordered a dress from Torrid but when it arrived it was gigantic and since it was on clearance I couldn't return it, so at least I still got one gorgeous new dress. Next time I order from Torrid I will order down a size.
I'm really loving my short hair. I feel like Snow White, now if I could just get forest animals to do the housework for me...
Outfit details

Dress- Thrifted, Hearts & Roses London
Tights- We Love Colors
Shoes- Mel by Melissa

Make up

Brows- Colourpop
Eyeliner- Starlooks and Thrive Cosmetics
Eye Shadow- theBalm Meet Matt(e) Trimony Palette
Blush- e.l.f.
Lips- Colourpop (matte x lippie in Poppin')
Nails- Trust Fund Beauty in Ripped Denium and Essie in Bikini So Teeny

We took these photos in front of an adorable little yarn shop at Lake Ella called Yarn Therapy. I had followed them on social media for a while but I hadn't stopped in till today. I picked up some yarn for a Ravellenic Games project.

Until next time
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