Monday, July 25, 2016

Trek Yourself

Living in a hot, humid, and extremely sunny climate does not lend it's self well to fashion blogging, especially in the summer months (which here is March-November). I hate to say it but I am so over summer, I want to go outside without getting soaked with sweat and I am tired of the water weight my body won't let go of. I'm also tired of my constantly swollen leg, it makes me feel like a Far Side comic.
-Gary Larson, Far Side

Putting that aside Hubby managed to snap a few photos of my get up for a Star Wars/Trek party this weekend. They are a tad washed out because we were in a hurry and only found one place that wasn't full killer sun.
I swear, every time I wear this dress I say it needs to be taken in but have I yet? No.
Outfit Details

Dress- Made by me
Purse- Vintage 60s
Belt- Vintage
Tights- We Love Colors
Boots- ModCloth (old)
I was quite proud of my hair and makeup. You don't even want to know how much teasing and how many hair products it took to get my hair like this. I wish the photos could have truly captured how big it was and all the little details like the braids I had running through it.
The heat has also brought about an end to our tomato season. I can't be too upset though, the plants have given their all and fed not only us, but our friends and families. I even have a freezer full of cooked tomatoes for later in the year. The cherry tomatoes are still handing in there, they are the first and last to fruit. The eggplants are slowing down a bit too but as long as we keep them well watered they should last a month or two more. All the peppers doing amazingly well, thank goodness for plants that love hot weather. I picked another big colander full of banana peppers today that I need to quick pickle tonight. I can't wait to start pulling up tomato vines and get the beds ready for next season's crops. This year we really want to push for a year-round garden. 

So much to do and so little energy, the heat drains you.

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