Saturday, July 2, 2016


I'm not going to lie, anytime I see SGI I think of Star Gate because I'm a total space geek. Today when we saw SGI it meant we were on St. George Island. For a nice change of pace we went to the state park, it is so much quieter and cleaner, I greatly prefer it over the public beach. We met up with a group of friends to celebrate a belated birthday. Neither hubby nor I remembered the beach canopy so I ended up with a pretty mean burn even though I put on sunscreen twice, I am glad we left a little early otherwise I would have been in agony. Most of my burn was from sun reflecting off the water but the water felt so good I didn't want to get out.

An anchor at the entrance of the park
A beach morning glory, a common sight on dunes
underwater patriotic mani

Laughing gulls all in a row
I took this last one on the way out of the park. As you can see I was using my waterproof camera today but I didn't clean off the lens very well after I rinsed it off and it was so bright out I couldn't tell when I was taking these. Oh well, new cameras are always a learning process.

Despite the burn I had a great time today. I am glad to be home curled up with a blanket and a kitty cat though. I am totally wiped.  

Some Bunny Loves You!