Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Kimmie over at That Girl in the Wheel Chair recently mentioned a challenge to compile nine fictitious characters that you identify with and I knew I wanted to get in on it. It seems like something that would be easy but after my first three or four I got rather bogged down and had to seek guidance from Hubby to help me fill out the list, I could have asked friends but I frankly, was kind of scared of what they would say. no particular order here are my nine.

 One thing that surprised me was the number of females in my list, I often identify more with male characters since it is more common to lend autistic traits to males than females.

#1 Data - Star Trek TNG
Data was a no brainer for me and the first character that came to mind when thinking of this challenge. As an autistic individual I highly relate to Data. He wants greatly to be like humans but can't understand their emotions or actions and people are often turned off by his manner of speech or actions. He is very loyal to his friends and would do anything he could to help them in any situation. Plus he has an orange cat.

#2 Twilight Sparkle - My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
Commonly referred to as the autistic pony, I see my younger self so much in her. A great lover of knowledge and order/rules interferes with her socialization and friendships. Once she finds good friends they teach her about how to be a good friend and how "normal" ponies act. I wanted to use her twitchy face for when something goes not according to plan since it is the face I get in the same circumstance but I opted for the less insane image.

#3 Sherlock - Sherlock
I laughed that Hubby had to remind me about Sherlock since every time we watch an episode I spend the whole time saying how much we are alike. Again, autistic. See a theme here? LOL. So focused on his world and mind palace social things fall by the wayside. I also say the wrong things because my brain just works different than a neurotypical, what makes sense to me often comes out too harsh and uncaring when I don't mean it to be.

#4 Rabbit - Winnie the Pooh
Way too uptight and can't let things go. Loves gardening and domestic activities. Plans ahead way too much but also is there when his friends need help.

#5 Amy Farrah Folwer - Big Bang Theory 
I don't watch Big Bang much any more and I haven't seen the newest season but I still identify with Amy. Much more versed in academics than real life so to "normals" she just seems odd (although, she is pretty odd anyway). She almost got bumped from my list but since her birthday is December 17th, (the same as mine), she got to stay.

#6 Death the Kid - Soul Eater
Another of my top picks. A mature character with a great sense of order until something doesn't go as planned or isn't symmetrical. Quirks are what make people (or shinigami) special right?

#7 The White Rabbit - Alice in Wonderland
I'm an over planner and when things don't go as planned I kind of melt down. Just like rabbit I have a strong sense of duty and order and hate very much to be late. There is a good reason I have two rabbits in my list and one of them is on the banner for this blog ;)

#8 Morticia - Addams' Family
A loyal wife and mother. She and Gomez are two parts of a single soul, one with out the other doesn't have purpose. A talented housewife, she is skilled in all forms of domestic engineering. She is a cook, gardener, and knitter just to name a few. She lives her life the way she wants and doesn't let people push her around. “Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.”
I may not be as much like Morticia as the other characters here but as a domestic goddess I hope to be half the woman she is.

#9 Ramona Flowers - Scott Pilgrim (books)
Just as a tell everyone I meet, read the books! The movie was cute but the books are deep. Ramona is just a girl trying to make it in the world but is tormented by the Glow, a weaponized form of emotions that traps someone inside their own mind. The Glow suppresses good emotions and creates and multiplies bad emotions such as self loathing. I'm sure anyone that has ever suffered from depression can relate to the feeling of being trapped in their own head with only hopeless thoughts and the struggle to return to the normal world.

How about you? What are your nine?