Monday, July 11, 2016

Devil's Millhopper

While researching State Parks close to us I had come across Devil's Millhopper quite a while ago. Sadly we had not made it to it till this past week while we were camping. Thursday was very hot, at least 97 (although I'm pretty sure it was over 100) and the heat index was 115. Our friend took us on a back road tour of where they grew up and took us into Gainesville to Devil's Millhopper Geological State Park.

The park is made around a 120' deep by 500' wide sinkhole that formed in two stages. There is a beautiful boardwalk with 232 steps leading down to the pond at the bottom that is feed by 12 springs and small waterfalls from the top of the sink. Unfortunately the pond was covered with duckweed and we couldn't see into the water. 

Many amazing things have been discovered in the area, fossilized shark teeth and bones of extinct species of horses are just some of them. It is cooler at the bottom of the sink but since it was so hot when we went the change wasn't that noticeable. We didn't get to hike the nature trail so another trip is in order when it is cooler. (Rabbits are often seen on the trail so of course I want to go)

Beauty berries starting to form

 One of the trickling waterfalls
 There wasn't a ranger in the office so I wasn't able to get the park strip for my patch collection. There was a number to call for a ranger but since it was so hot and some of us were showing early signs of heat exhaustion we opted not to wait, I thought I would be able to buy one online in the state park store but it is one of the ones they don't carry. I guess we will have to go back and try again, plus I would like to see the park again.

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