Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Feel Bad, Look Great

I'm still a bit under the weather and today was an especially yucky, hurty, crampy, bloaty kind of day. So what did I do? I got out my curling iron and did beautiful waves, applied killer make-up, slipped on rainbow heels, and wore a gorgeous mermaid dress to go out and do a little vintage shopping and get a cold brew coffee. 

I hadn't worn this dress since I got my mermaid tattooed.
I forgot to add in the little darts I need for the bodice to fit a bit better. Yet another item in my alteration pile.
I am letting my hair grow out a bit. I love how easy it is to care for and style shorter hair but I really miss my long tresses. If I can make it through the summer heat without chopping it off it should be a good length by winter.
Outfit details
Dress- Sourpuss, gift from a friend
Purse- thrifted
Shoes- Rocket Dog, thrifted

Brows- Colourpop in Black N Brown
Liner- Starlooks
Blush- elf
Lips- LOC in Wildest Dreams

Mermaid Tattoo- Matt at Monument Tattoos

I only found one thing today at Other Side Vintage, a little glass bud vase from the 1950s. It was an exact match to one I already had so I thought I should get it, they are the same style and even happen to be numbered only two apart, pretty cool.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Wow, long time no blog. I meant to have these pics up and ready to go Saturday but I woke up with a low-grade fever along with aches and chills. I'm feeling a lot better but still not 100% yet. I have been doing some house work but I am getting worn out just carrying a handful of stuff around.

Last Friday (the 24th) was International Faerie Day. Some friends and I, in our faerie finest, met up in a local park to celebrate. We danced in a faerie ring, took photos, and had a picnic (all in muggy 94 degree heat).
My lovely friends
we had a few more faeries show up later on in the evening.

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Thursday, June 16, 2016


I'm thankful for the rain we are getting but the pressure changes are really getting to me. Today when I woke up I could barely move and I seemed to have shredded one of my back gums so I rolled over and slept in some. When I got up I tossed on some clothes and went to my favorite cupcakery, Lucy and Leo's was giving away free rainbow cupcakes and taking donations for the Pulse victims and families. On the way home I also dropped by Lucky Goat to get a hazelnut cold brew to go. Once home I sat on our picnic table and enjoyed a delicious cupcake and coffee breakfast. 
Hubby called after my breakfast to see if I wanted to do Greek for lunch, of course I did, so I dolled up in an attempt to make myself to feel a little better. I hadn't worn any of my mermaid print dresses since I got my newest tattoo so I figured today was a good day to break one out. Oh, and of course I wore my new glitter jelly wedges because it's hard to feel down with sparkly shoes.
Outfit details
Phony Pony-  Amazon
Dress- Made by me
Shoes- ModCloth

Blush- elf
(over dark liner)
A rainy afternoon calls for cuddling up with the kitties, crocheting a baby blanket for a friend, and lots of ibuprofen to hold off joint and gum pain. I hope I have the energy to make make dinner and fold the clothes later but we will have to see.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016


News flash: It's hot! Okay, I've been telling you that over and over it seems lately. Monday hit 100 with a heat index (how it really feels) of 110. I overdid it a bit Monday too, I pushed to five miles on my morning walk but even with misting at a misting station and stopping for water on the last mile home I was starting to feel sick to my stomach and light headed which are both indicators of heat exhaustion. I made it home, drank a Gatorade, and sat under a fan till my body could cool off. It was a little scary but I do know what the signs are for both heat exhaustion and stroke so I know to be careful. Tuesday I shortened my walk to four miles and I felt a lot better, now I remember why I cut down to 2.5-3 miles last year in the summer. It's just so hard to step back because I have a hard time starting the day without a good long walk. Night walks are not for me because I am too scared of being out in our area after dark (it is not well lit), when Hubby comes along I feel better but right now he can't keep up with my pace or distance (office jobs can do that to you).  I took the day off since there was a heightened chance of rain today and sure enough I woke up to a nice downpour although a few minutes later it was bright and sunny. I have a feeling it will be doing that on and off all day.

In better news our garden is flourishing in spite of the heat. Please enjoy some garden "porn".

So far this year we have been blessed with a bountiful harvest. I have been cooking up a storm, processing veggies for freezing, making jams and jellies, and still had lots to share with friends and family. 

I am thankful I have a roof over my head, beautiful healthy pets, a big backyard veggie garden, a car that runs (most of the time), and a full cabinet of acrylic yarn. I feel like a burden sometimes but I try to make my keep. Hubby is wonderful and always makes a way for something if I really need or want it enough. Yesterday he let me get a new waterproof camera at Costco, I had been wanting one for our adventures. It wasn't really in the budget so I want to earn a little money to help cover the cost. I have a few things in my sample shop (from my crochet blog), go ahead and check it out, you might find something you want.

Some Bunny Loves You (and I really mean that)!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Tropical Storm

As temperatures get higher and higher the motivation to doll up gets lower and lower. Even on days I leave the house other than to work out it seems I just toss on a maxi and a hat and just a smidgen of powder and maybe mascara. Let me tell ya gals, it's been hot, and it takes a lot for me to say that. I got a mild sunburn yesterday just on my daily walk. This weather really makes you feel bloated, sweaty all the time, and all you want to do is eat ice cream and ice pops. Monday we got a brief respite from the heat but we had to trade it for 20 hours of rain from the tropical storm. Luckily since we are inland a bit we only got a small amount of flooding in town and none near our house. The garden enjoyed the rain but the wind damaged one of our favorite tomato plants, luckily we caught it in time and we were able to brace the damage before it fully broke which would have killed the plant. With the temps so high the porch bunnies are currently living in our living room. The inside bunnies are not thrilled by this and we have to keep them separated or else a Watership Down situation would arise. Needless to say with four rabbits in the house currently I am constantly sweeping up massive amounts of fur and poo battles (unless you are a bunny owner this may seem odd to you).
Since I couldn't walk in the storm Monday I used the day to sew. I somehow managed to finish this dress in less than 3 hours and with no major mistakes to take out and redo. I have eyed this fabric for several years now but I finally broke down and got it when it was on sale for 60% off. I love this dress pattern because it whips up super quick and uses just 2 yards of fabric. Also, can you believe this is my first flamingo wardrobe item? I live in Florida and this is my first flamingo print. Now I'm on the hunt for cute inexpensive vintage flamingo jewelry. I thrifted a haul of 80s painted wooden animal earrings today but no flamingos or pineapples to be found.

Outfit details

Hair flower- eBay
Sunnies- Secondhand, Betsey Johnson
 Jewelry- Luxulite
Dress- Made by me, 
Butterick 4443 (shortened) and fabric from JoAnn's
Belt- Target
Shoes- ModCloth, on clearance
(If you are a half size I recommend sizing up, I'm an 8.5 
and I went with a 9 and it fits perfectly, even on my wide toes)

Brows- Colourpop
Lips- Colourpop in Barely There
Nails- Essie in Sunset Sneaks
On the whole things have been pretty boring the past few weeks. I have to have some dental work done soon (yuck) and I have yet more jury duty (called at least once a year for the past 8 years). Less than a month till we have a week camping at a natural spring so I have that to look forward to, it's whats keeping me going right now. I know it will be hot in our tent but we can jump in the 72 degree water anytime we want.

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Friday, June 3, 2016

National Doughnut Day

It's that special day again, National Doughnut (donut) Day! Doughnuts are one of my all time favorite treats, I hardly ever get them though because I can't stop myself once I start eating. I went to Dunkin' first, they offered a free doughnut with a drink purchase. I got a large ice coffee and a free French cruller. Then I went to campus to get a free doughnut from Donut Kingdom (a local joint with the best doughnuts ever), just like last year they were already out of most of my favorites but they still had raspberry jelly filled so I got one of them. I had a little time left before I was going to meet up with my mom for lunch so I grabbed some pictures, I almost made it back home before her but I was interrupted while taking pictures by someone that just walked over to talk. Why when people see you are busy do they think you want to stop and talk to them (a complete stranger)? I usually like to take photos in less busy areas but with UV indices in the high to very high numbers, even with light cloud cover, it's hard to find good locations with even lighting. Also, it has been around 105 with the heat index every day this week, it's been hard not to melt.
Outfit details

Ponytail- Local hair shop
Sunnies- Betsey Johnson, bought secondhand
Earrings- Made by me
Necklace- Scrumptious Doodle
Dress- Made by me
Clutch- ASOS
Belt- eBay
Jellies- Bamboo, bought secondhand (never worn)

Lips and brows- Colourpop
Nails- Essie in Garden Variety
Mermaid done by Matt at Monument Tattoos
Last year's National Doughnut/Donut Day outfit. I forgot a few accessories this year.

Krispy Kreme is offering free doughnuts all day long (no purchase required) and Dunkin' Donuts is offering a free doughnut with drink purchase. There's still time, go get your free doughnut!

Some Bunny Loves Ya!