Friday, May 20, 2016

Rain, Rain

As I mentioned in my last post the weather has been rather fickle lately. Thursday I had planned on getting up to try to walk if it wasn't raining but my phone froze and I slept in because my alarm didn't go off. The Other Side Vintage had recently added some new (and gothy) items to the sale rack so I got dressed and headed down to Railroad Square to shop and take some pictures. I hadn't pulled this dress out for a while so I thought it was time for it to make an appearance again, I always get so many compliments on it. I truly planned on getting a cute picture with my sewing tattoo against the sewing print but did I remember once I started taking photos? No. Oh well, just have to wear it again soon to do so.
How perfectly adorable is this setting?
I bought this brooch shortly after I got my birthday sewing tattoo. It is a measuring tape with dangly thread, needle, scissors, thimble, and button. It is certainly about time I got to wear it out, as much as I love brooches I often to wear them.
Outfit details

Dress- made by me
Brooch- vintage (etsy)
Belt- The Other Side Vintage
Cotton lacey socks- Ross
Shoes- Payless, kids section

Lips- Colourpop Ultra Satin in London Fog
Nails- Trust Fund Beauty in London Snog
So...totally didn't plan the names, I didn't notice till I made this post

I really like Trust Fund Beauty nail polishes because they are the longest lasting vegan 10 free polishes I have ever tried. They are a little pricey at $15 a bottle but I was lucky and snagged a 3 pack for a $19 brand offer through ipsy.
Just as I was finishing up taking photos I heard a train rumbling down the tracks. I didn't have time to get over to the station for really good pics but I did manage to grab a shot as it passed by.
After a little shopping I met Hubby for lunch. We took a break from Indian for Greek. Oh boy, I forgot how good gyros can be. While talking I noticed the deal on novelty print fabrics was only good through that day so before I went home I went by the fabric store again. I came home with 4 prints, 3 for peasant tops and 1 for a dress. I already made one of the tops and it is adorable, I can't wait till I can get some photos of it. 
Today we finally got the rain we had been promised all week, our veggie garden is very pleased. Everything is growing so fast! I already have dried enough herbs to use over the fall and winter and I've been making pesto once a week. The buns have all been getting good portions too. Last night I pickled 3 jars of hot banana peppers (two pints and a half pint) and one half pint of jalapenos. I am out of pint jars so I need to pick up some more, with 10 hot banana plants I can see lots of pickling in my future. I also need to order some more squeeze bottles from amazon for hot sauce, I have late season peppers taking up half my freezer that need to be processed before this year's harvest is in full swing.

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