Monday, May 30, 2016

Long Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer, and I think I started it off pretty well. Friday my mom and I explored the Jr Museum and ate lunch at the little cafe. The animals were all pretty lazy (if we even spotted them) because of the warm temperatures. There was a nice breeze and with the tree cover Mom and I stayed pretty comfy. The cougars were pretty playful though, they were wrestling and chasing each other.
I'm still digging the high contrast black and white filter my pocket camera has.

I know I take too many photos of this fella, but he's my favorite

Saturday we didn't do too much, we stayed home and did yard work. I made a batch of ghost pepper jelly and packed up stuff for our mini adventure the next day.

Sunday was an early start, we didn't get to bed till after 1 and we had to be up by 8. We fed the animals, put on our bathing suits, and hopped in the car. We ran several errands then drove to our friend's house to meet up to go tubing. We carpooled to Bear Paw on the Chipola River. I had never been tubing so Hubby and I got the double tube which had the covered bottom. The put in was a shallow creek that had lots of trees and branches both above and below the surface, navigating was a bit tricky in some spots but it was fun because it kept us on our toes. One spot had a large tree across the whole creek, we had to get out and pull our tubes over and get back in. About an hour or so into the trip our group found a comfy stopping spot to pull over  so we ate out lunch. Our group tried to pick up litter we found along the way but soon it grew out of control and we had to give up. It's sad so many people don't care about the earth. 

Soon the creek turned a bend and let out into the Chipola River. The water was immediately darker, colder, and wider. Our group all linked up and we merrily floated along in a pack. The views along the river were much nicer, cool rock formations, beautiful flowers, and amazingly huge cyprus trees. Some clouds covered the sun and gave us a break from the rays but soon we were getting sprinkled on. The rain hung around for quite a while but we were already in the river so being a little extra wet didn't matter. Not long before the end of our ride the rain stopped. All in all it was a very fun day and I would be up for trying it again, maybe this time in individual tubes since I know more of what to expect. After 4+ hours of tubing, 1+ hours both ways in the car, and riding on 6.5 hours sleep we were totally wiped. We turned in early and slept till noon on Monday.

Monday was another slow day but I did lots of house work and cooking. I made a second batch of ghost pepper jelly, pickled a batch of hot banana peppers, and cooked a big dinner to share with my in laws. I love summer because I am able to make garden to table dinners, almost everything I served was grown in our back yard. I served eggplant tacos with all the trimmings and apple blondies. Luckily by dinnertime the temperature had come down quite a bit thanks to some big clouds, it was 96ish only a few hours before, so it was comfy to sit out on our nice picnic table. 

I hope your weekend was splendid.

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