Saturday, April 23, 2016

Pioneer Breakfast

With the last bit of our Disney "fun money" I bought Hubby and I tickets to the Pioneer Breakfast at the Tallahassee Museum. We arrived around 9 and ate a hardy home cooked breakfast of pancakes, stone ground grits, eggs, and spicy sausage. After breakfast we wondered around and saw all the animals. The Florida Panther was frisky and was chasing his ball around. The foxes were all coming out of their den when we walked by so we must have stopped to watch them run around and groom each other for 20 minutes, we love foxes.

 I wasn't planning on going full on black (hair) again but after a few glasses of wine the other night I pulled out the box of dye I had in the closet and went at it. When I do an all over dye I use a blue black dye, I could just get a natural black to cover my grays but I like a nice inky tone from time to time. Unfortunately my cameras always hate me when I do go a shade darker, I am just too high contrast. 
 Thrifted shirt and skirt, foot traffic cotton tights, and ModCloth boots

My new pocket camera has a high contrast black and white filter., needless to say, I love it!
Last week on one of the days it held off on raining till after noon I took a little trip to the Tallahassee Museum. Being midweek and with a threat of rain the place was almost deserted. For once I actually remembered to put the tele lens on my camera.
The guest animal, an Amur Leopard. She goes back home this month so I am glad I got at least one halfway decent shot of her.
This doe is quite inquisitive and almost always comes over to watch me.
 That day I only spotted one fox, a gray one, sleeping in a tree.
 On the 1880's farm I spotted all three of the white squirrels together. I can't believe my luck of grabbing some good shots, and especially the one with two together.
My favorite of the two sheep, I love it's underbite
Below are some more shots from that day with my pocket camera.
sparkle berry blooms
One of my all time favorite flowers, Cherokee Rose
sleepy red wolf
 1880's Big Bend Farm
sugar cane mill
Some Bunny Loves Ya!