Friday, April 29, 2016


Today was a pretty normal Friday, my mom and I had lunch out and hit a Goodwill for some shopping. I found a couple nice pairs of bike shorts and a super comfy pair of denim pedal pushers. I haven't found a good pair of pedal pushers since...I don't know how long, probably since before I lost a lot of weight. It was so warm today (90) I had the beach on my mind so I wore my Hell Bunny sailor dress and Luxulite jewelry set. I ordered this set when they first came out as an anniversary gift but I haven't gotten to rock it till now.

Several years ago I saw these shoes on ModCloth and fell in love but by the time they went on sale they were out of my size. I have stalked pairs on Poshmark before but I happened to find a pair on eBay recently selling for next to nothing so I snapped them up. They were brand new in the box and had never been worn. This is my first pair of Mel by Melissa wedges and I have to say for being so tall they are pretty comfy, although in the heat they get a bit sweaty and slip off my heels so I am going to have to see if I can get a heel pad to stay in them to counteract the slipping.
The brooch is a vintage scatter pin given to me by Hubby's late grandmother
Outfit details

Ponytail- Amazon
Jewelry- Luxulite
Brooch- vintage
Dress- Hell Bunny (bought secondhand)
Shoes- Mel (bought secondhand)

Lips- NYX Liquid Suede in Kitten Heels (ipsy glambag)
Our garden is going full speed, I am so glad we planted early. We have already started picking cherry tomatoes and almost everything else is blooming or has little baby fruit.  
cherry tomatoes
Hot banana bloom and babies. We have 10 banana pepper plants growing this year thanks to a 6 pack that had lots of doubles.

We also are several plants of each of the following: 
jalapeno, marconi, cajun belle, yellow bell, and ghost. 
We have over 20 pepper plants growing this year.
Golden Jubilee
 We finally have fruit on most of the tomato varieties, only a few of the heirlooms are taking their time.

 This year we have the following varieties growing:
sun sugar (cherry), better boy, cherokee purple, indigo rose, german queen, lemon boy, and golden jubilee with 2+ of each variety totaling over 20 plants.
Better Boys
And of course what would our garden be without eggplant? This year we have Japanese and mini eggplants, both are varieties aren't bitter at all and require no soaking or salting.
A late comer to the garden are our tomatillos, we only picked them up last week but we were so excited to plant them since we hadn't found them for several years. Tomatillos grow fast so they will catch up to the rest of the garden in no time. Yummy, I can already taste the salsa verde I'm going to make with them.
Some cherries starting to turn yellow
Along with the veggies we also have a nice selection of herbs. We had to restart many this year since we lost most of ours last year in the extreme heat of late summer. Hubby made me a lovely mint planter with 4 varieties as well as buckets with four varieties of basil, onion and garlic chives, dill, lemon balm, flat leaf parsley, and two types or oregano. I've already dried parsley and lemon balm and made a lovely pesto from the basil. 

Over the summer I will spam with tons of pictures of the garden, not all make it here to the blog so be sure to follow me on Instagram to at forceofrabbit.

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