Thursday, April 14, 2016

Disney Magic part 3

Saturday we were greeted by a chilly morning, I picked the wrong day to start with an iced coffee. The wait for the water taxi was a bit cold but I braved it since I didn't want to go back to the room for a jacket. 
We started our day in Epcot again, this time I didn't eat before we left so I could enjoy a bigger breakfast in the park. We ate in France again but this time I got lobster bisque and a half baguette, what an amazing meal, probably the best one all weekend.
After the lovely breakfast we strolled around the world showcase.

 Morocco is one of my favorites, I always try to eat there but this time we didn't get to.

We spent a long while exploring the bonsai garden in Japan.

Next stop was Italy

Germany was relatively empty when we passed so I got to get some pictures at Snow White's wishing well. 

I had originally planned to set my hair every night while on vacation so I could pull off Snow White hair but I figured it would be too much trouble setting, brushing, and spraying every day so I just went with my natural wave.

When it was time to meet up with Hubby's mom we headed back towards France and had a snack (onion tart) while we waited for her to arrive. We met up and did some shopping, got some mochi covered ice cream (a personal favorite of mine), then went to the butterfly house.
Upon entering the butterfly tent a butterfly landed on my hair, it stayed with me the whole visit and would have left with me if I hadn't coaxed it off. 

We visited the Cool Club and after drinking way too much melon Fanta we did a little more shopping and I found a pair of Ariel leggings that I couldn't pass up.

 Around dinner time we hopped a bus to Hollywood Studios. We grabbed a quick dinner and relaxed while we ate.

 Our good luck let us slip into the Little Mermaid show before they closed the doors with no wait. Seeing the black light puppetry in the show was thrilling but sad for me because it was a glimpse into what my life could have been. I am a former puppeteer and was way too good way too young so I missed out on opportunities because of my age, by the time I was old enough to pursue it professionally I had already met my husband and I didn't want to leave him for a life on the road. Puppetry was my one true gift and calling but I'm glad I didn't go into it since my chronic pain would have been unbearable by now if I had continued.
We didn't want to miss Fantastic so we got in line 1.5 hours early, luckily we were seated fairly quickly so we didn't have to be on our feet the whole time. It was my first time seeing the show and it was fantastic. The icing on the cake of our trip was the fireworks show, Symphony in the Stars: A Galactic Spectacular. It was perfect, Disney's fireworks are always amazing but they really outdid themselves, everything was perfect. The music was a medley and every firework was visually perfect. I'm not going to lie, I had goosebumps.
This is a video I found on youtube from the opening day of the new movie. It can't do it full justice, but it can give you an idea of how moving it is.

We hit a store to wait for the crowds to thin some before leaving, we thought we would have to take the bus but we managed to catch the last water taxi back to the hotel.
Sunday morning was our last so we packed up our things and checked out. Hubby and I explored the boardwalk while we waited for his mom to finish up at her conference.

We met up for lunch and pastries. Top is a lemon meringue tart for me and bottom is a chocolate peanut butter bar cake for Hubby.

The trip home was smooth till about we got close to home where we got stuck in a bit of traffic because of a minor crash.

It was such a special trip but now it is a bit odd adjusting to everyday life again. I finally have all the laundry done and put up, the rest of the clothes and treasures unpacked, and cooking meals feels a bit weird. I'm also trying to tell my body I no longer get fish and chips everyday along with copious amounts of dessert. We really lucked out with the unseasonably pleasant weather, this week has rained on and off every day.  

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