Friday, April 29, 2016


Today was a pretty normal Friday, my mom and I had lunch out and hit a Goodwill for some shopping. I found a couple nice pairs of bike shorts and a super comfy pair of denim pedal pushers. I haven't found a good pair of pedal pushers since...I don't know how long, probably since before I lost a lot of weight. It was so warm today (90) I had the beach on my mind so I wore my Hell Bunny sailor dress and Luxulite jewelry set. I ordered this set when they first came out as an anniversary gift but I haven't gotten to rock it till now.

Several years ago I saw these shoes on ModCloth and fell in love but by the time they went on sale they were out of my size. I have stalked pairs on Poshmark before but I happened to find a pair on eBay recently selling for next to nothing so I snapped them up. They were brand new in the box and had never been worn. This is my first pair of Mel by Melissa wedges and I have to say for being so tall they are pretty comfy, although in the heat they get a bit sweaty and slip off my heels so I am going to have to see if I can get a heel pad to stay in them to counteract the slipping.
The brooch is a vintage scatter pin given to me by Hubby's late grandmother
Outfit details

Ponytail- Amazon
Jewelry- Luxulite
Brooch- vintage
Dress- Hell Bunny (bought secondhand)
Shoes- Mel (bought secondhand)

Lips- NYX Liquid Suede in Kitten Heels (ipsy glambag)
Our garden is going full speed, I am so glad we planted early. We have already started picking cherry tomatoes and almost everything else is blooming or has little baby fruit.  
cherry tomatoes
Hot banana bloom and babies. We have 10 banana pepper plants growing this year thanks to a 6 pack that had lots of doubles.

We also are several plants of each of the following: 
jalapeno, marconi, cajun belle, yellow bell, and ghost. 
We have over 20 pepper plants growing this year.
Golden Jubilee
 We finally have fruit on most of the tomato varieties, only a few of the heirlooms are taking their time.

 This year we have the following varieties growing:
sun sugar (cherry), better boy, cherokee purple, indigo rose, german queen, lemon boy, and golden jubilee with 2+ of each variety totaling over 20 plants.
Better Boys
And of course what would our garden be without eggplant? This year we have Japanese and mini eggplants, both are varieties aren't bitter at all and require no soaking or salting.
A late comer to the garden are our tomatillos, we only picked them up last week but we were so excited to plant them since we hadn't found them for several years. Tomatillos grow fast so they will catch up to the rest of the garden in no time. Yummy, I can already taste the salsa verde I'm going to make with them.
Some cherries starting to turn yellow
Along with the veggies we also have a nice selection of herbs. We had to restart many this year since we lost most of ours last year in the extreme heat of late summer. Hubby made me a lovely mint planter with 4 varieties as well as buckets with four varieties of basil, onion and garlic chives, dill, lemon balm, flat leaf parsley, and two types or oregano. I've already dried parsley and lemon balm and made a lovely pesto from the basil. 

Over the summer I will spam with tons of pictures of the garden, not all make it here to the blog so be sure to follow me on Instagram to at forceofrabbit.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Kitty Cat

I snapped some quick pictures today on my way to lunch. The lighting was not the best since half the sky was super bright and the other covered with ominous clouds. I didn't have time to find a nice backdrop so a little city park had to do.
It is getting nice and warm this week (high 80s) so it is the perfect sundress weather. Although, I guess I wear sundresses most of the year long being in Florida (and having a very mild winter this year) but no sweaters and tights is so freeing.
With it being so warm and humid I'm going to have to start wearing bandannas again on my morning walks to keep the sweat out of my eyes. Thank goodness for phony ponies to sweep my hair up into to go into town after workouts, instant hair style without the hard work.
Ponytail- Amazon
Necklace- Salvation Army
Brooch- Gift from friend
Dress- Made by Me
Belt- The Other Side Vintage
Cat shoes- Ross

Lip color- Poppin' Lippie Stix by ColourPop
I adore pink but I'm not really into wearing pink lips unless they are super bright.I love this color because it is so bright and perfectly matte. Too bad it was a limited edition, I would buy another tube if I could.

Not much to talk about this week. I'm working on a new afghan but that is just about it. I had to pick up a little more yarn for it today and I was so proud of myself, I only bought what I needed in JoAnn's, way to go me.

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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Pioneer Breakfast

With the last bit of our Disney "fun money" I bought Hubby and I tickets to the Pioneer Breakfast at the Tallahassee Museum. We arrived around 9 and ate a hardy home cooked breakfast of pancakes, stone ground grits, eggs, and spicy sausage. After breakfast we wondered around and saw all the animals. The Florida Panther was frisky and was chasing his ball around. The foxes were all coming out of their den when we walked by so we must have stopped to watch them run around and groom each other for 20 minutes, we love foxes.

 I wasn't planning on going full on black (hair) again but after a few glasses of wine the other night I pulled out the box of dye I had in the closet and went at it. When I do an all over dye I use a blue black dye, I could just get a natural black to cover my grays but I like a nice inky tone from time to time. Unfortunately my cameras always hate me when I do go a shade darker, I am just too high contrast. 
 Thrifted shirt and skirt, foot traffic cotton tights, and ModCloth boots

My new pocket camera has a high contrast black and white filter., needless to say, I love it!
Last week on one of the days it held off on raining till after noon I took a little trip to the Tallahassee Museum. Being midweek and with a threat of rain the place was almost deserted. For once I actually remembered to put the tele lens on my camera.
The guest animal, an Amur Leopard. She goes back home this month so I am glad I got at least one halfway decent shot of her.
This doe is quite inquisitive and almost always comes over to watch me.
 That day I only spotted one fox, a gray one, sleeping in a tree.
 On the 1880's farm I spotted all three of the white squirrels together. I can't believe my luck of grabbing some good shots, and especially the one with two together.
My favorite of the two sheep, I love it's underbite
Below are some more shots from that day with my pocket camera.
sparkle berry blooms
One of my all time favorite flowers, Cherokee Rose
sleepy red wolf
 1880's Big Bend Farm
sugar cane mill
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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Beautiful Week

After our Disney trip I have been a bit of a homebody, partly due to weather but also an overdose of people at Disney. A week of being stuck indoors left my legs rather campy so I was very glad to get back out and exercising this week.
We started out the week with a lazy canoe trip with a group of friends. The water was a bit dark because of so much rain the week before but it was a beautiful mild day and we couldn't have asked for better weather. A special treat while paddling was the owls, so many owls.We heard them calling from both sides of the river and saw a handful fly across. Most of the calls and the owls we spotted were barred owls but when Hubby and I took a small detour by ourselves we saw a big great horned in flight. 
Last summer when we canoed the Wacissa we didn't see a single alligator, this time we saw lots.
This fella was hanging out on the floating platform at Big Blue (a big spring and popular hangout on the Wacissa). He was only about 5-6 feet so when he realized our group was all bigger than him he crawled into the water and swam away to hid in a patch of river weeds. After he was a good distance away we claimed the platform and ate our lunches.
The trip was great but I think I tweaked my bad knee a bit, it has been a little sore in the joint this week but nothing is swollen so I'm not too worried. I ordered a compression sleeve for it to see if that helps, I have a brace somewhere but klepto kitten always steals and hides it.
Today I cut my walk back a little so I could pick up a friend for lunch who was in a car accident and currently without a car. It feels like forever since I got to dress up and go out. I finally got to wear this beautiful dress that a friend gave me. Isn't it perfect? It combines so many of my favorite things: sailor style dresses, mermaids, and tattoos. Now I have a super bad "need" to get one of these lovely ladies tattooed, I've wanted a mermaid for ages but this may finally be the year, I just need to save up a bit.

Ooh, ouch. Hair color touch up is next week. Been putting it off because I plan on going swimming this weekend.

Outfit details
Dress- Sourpuss
Code TAXDAY gets you 20% off through the 22nd
Shoes- BAIT, bought secondhand
Sand dollar earrings- old
Necklace- made by me

Brows- Colourpop in Black N' Brown
Liner- Colourpop Gel Liner in Workout
Blush- e.l.f.
Lips- Colourpop Lippie Stix in JujuRouge 

Can you tell I just made another Colourpop order? I've been hooked since a girlfriend gave me a color that didn't work on her. This was my first time using the brow color and wow, this stuff is amazing. I've been using powder to fill but I'll never be able to go back to it now. I also tried out their gel liner, I'm a bit out of practice with a liner brush (and I need to get a stiffer one to use with this). They were out of the two colors I really wanted (Fast Lane and Bee Sting) but I took a chance on the darkened forest green and I really like. I wish I had gotten a picture that really showed it off but I'm sure I'll get better shots in the future. I tossed the Lippie Stix in my bag at the last moment on a whim, I have been looking for a slightly darker red than I normally wear and this is just the color I've been looking for.

I can't wait for this weekend, it's the bachelorette party for two of my sweet friends. It's tropical themed and I can't wait to dress up and wish them all the happiness in the world.

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