Thursday, March 31, 2016

Rainbow Sprinkles

I sat down to write this post last week, and the week before that but other things took precedence. The photos in the post are from the day several weeks ago that I realized my pocket camera was missing. I have gone on massive cleaning tirades in the house with no luck, it really seems to be gone. I had been under so much stress with being on call for federal jury duty my mind just wasn't working correctly. I typically have a very good memory, unless under heavy stress. All I can figure is that it slipped out of my purse while running errands or something like it. I replaced it with a used camera on Amazon and while I'm out money I didn't plan to be I am much happier with the features and picture quality from the "new" camera. The lost camera was on the verge of being a lemon but an okay small camera is still better than no small camera.
 I just finished this dress the day before. It was a pain going together for some reason and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get the print on the back to line up. I still am pretty happy with it I just hope no little old lady walks up to me and mentions the back, LOL.
I made this dress to wear to a friend's wedding in a few months. I may take it along on my upcoming Disney trip too, it will fit with the other polka dotted outfits I'm taking.
 I found this beautiful necklaces at The Other Side Vintage. It is all glass and it looks like opals, it is so pretty.
Mom and I took a trip to the museum that day, neither of us had been since they reopened it after renovations.
Giant animatronic armadillo

Skeleton of a mastodon found in Wakulla Springs
 They got a few more cars for their collection.
The museum still had all my old favorites but had lots of new and reworked exhibits too. 

The visiting exhibit was a Daytona racing one. Below is a 3/4 scale replica of the Stanley Steamer Rocket. I hope my dad gets to go before these cars move to the next museum, he grew up in Daytona and remembers when they raced on the beach.
Mom and I were having so much fun we kind of forgot what time we had put money in the meter so I had to skip a few exhibits so we could have time to go to the gift shop. I loaded up on postcards at the shop to send to my niece. Oh yeah, I'm still looking for a penpal/postcard pal. If you are interested send me a DM on Instagram.

I finally got to photograph some of the lovely statues outside the museum. There is a string people from various Florida tribes.
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