Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Wow, it's March already. Hubby and I planted our spring/summer garden on the first. All the baby plants are tucked in the dirt safe and sound. It has been a little warm, close to 80 degrees, this week so keeping them wet enough has been a little bit of a struggle, we may lose a few of our smallest ones with weak root structures but we always start lots of plants in case.

We had a fairly slow weekend, I was feeling a bit under the weather though, so it was a welcome treat. On Sunday Hubby decided to take me to the Battle of Natural Bridge reenactment. We were able to arrive just in time for the battle reenactment. I didn't get as many photos as last year but at least we got to see the battle this time.

At the end of the battle, the playing of Taps.

 I had a good laugh when we walked through the encampments on the way out, I made a Union soldier do a double take and he told me I was a bit out of my era.
 Outfit details:

Hair scarf- vintage
Glasses/jewelry- Amazon
Sweater- Unique Vintage
Belt- eBay
Dress- handmade from a sheet
Socks- Sock Dreams
Shoes- Payless

How do you like my rolled bangs? 
I haven't done them since my hair was long, I don't know why either,
 they are so simple and give a great retro flair.

 School tent

I've been meaning to put together a post about this but it never worked up into a full post so I'll add it here. I adore postcards. When my family would camp across the country or when we took weekend excursions I would always buy postcards at the places we traveled to. Often I would keep them as mementos but on the longer trips we took I always had a friend I would write to. When my niece was born I started sending her postcards with beautiful images from Hubby and my adventures. She is only two and doesn't read them herself yet but her mommy reads them to her and she gets to see animals/locations/things that she may never see living in Hawaii. The post office always thinks I'm silly for buying whole books of postcard stamps but hey, I go through them quicker than standard stamps.

I'm looking for a postcard buddy or two. I love sending mail and I miss getting it myself. I mainly travel in Florida and Georgia and I would love to get images from other locations. If you are interested in being my postcard buddy please send me a DM on Instagram and we can chat a little.

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