Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Long Time

I guess it has only been a little over a week since my last post but it seems like it has been months. Monday I had federal jury duty, I spent all morning there before being in the first round of cuts. Being federal I knew that be it a murder or drug case and I would have very strong convictions that would not allow me to to render a fair and unbiased decision. I wore a conservative black and white outfit but I still was the boldest dressed person, but what did I expect? 

“Create your own style…let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.” – Anna Wintour

I didn't get any pictures of my outfit since by the time I was excused I was starving so treated myself to sushi then I needed a nap. A weekend of little to no sleep was really catching up with me.

Why didn't I get much sleep this weekend you ask? Well, it was a con weekend, Alt*con in fact. The con this year was more enjoyable than last year and one of my idols, the Monster Man himself, Cleve Hall, was a guest.
Saturday a pair of friends and I did an Adventure Time group. It was forecast for rain and thundershowers but luckily the weather held out it stayed sunny all day, body paint and rain do not go together.  Day one photos by Wade Bishop Photography.
It was fun pulling out my vampire fangs again, they gave me a big boost of confidence. Cons are both fun and hard for me since I am so shy. Although it was fun being in a group that people knew who we were, we posed for lots of pictures with kids and moms that are fans of the show.


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Sunday I was part of an Addams' Family group. One of my friends really wanted to be Morticia so I lent her my costume and I went as Grandmama. I had a great time doing an old age makeup, some people I knew didn't even recognize me at first. I wish I had gotten some good closeups but I never got around to it.

Photo credit to Carl Bengston Photography.
Photo credit Ellen

Oh yeah, we one first place in the costume contest. We almost didn't enter so it was a welcome surprise. I'm so lucky to have such fun and geeky friends, I love you all.

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