Monday, March 14, 2016

Beach Day

This week my new bathing suit arrived in the mail and it was love at first sight. I got it from after seeing Ang's bathing suit haul. Of course the first thing I wanted to do when my suit arrived was go to the beach and as luck would have it my friends were planning a beach day that weekend.
This suit was in the clearance section for $15! I almost didn't order it but after a day to think about it I went ahead and ordered. The website is great and lets you order tops and bottoms in different sizes if needed, although I didn't need to. Most of their tops don't go up to DD cups till size 18 but luckily this one offered the larger cup in smaller sizes.
Doing my best Bettie Page poses
Our beach destination was St George Island. Saturday was a very popular day for activities, we were diverted (I would say detoured but there was no detour and we had to find a way around ourselves) once on the drive for a parade in Crawfordville and just made it through Carrabelle before they shut down the main road for their parade. I was worried the beach would be too crowded since it was the last Saturday of spring break but it didn't fill in too badly till later in the afternoon close to when we were leaving. 

Our friends arrived later than us so we took a few minutes to explore the museum and gift shop at the lighthouse. I found a few post cards to send to my niece and a nice patch with the lighthouse for me to add to my patch collection.
The beach was at a red flag for high surf and strong currents. Most of us just relaxed on the beach but a few of our friends braved the chilly and brisk waves to play.
 This was as far as I got

The washed up sea grass was full of tiny eggs, I almost thought they were Mardi Gras beads at first.
 There was a steady breeze throughout the day that was perfect for kites. One of our friends brought their cute little star kite and Hubby got to try out the new kite I bought him as an anniversary gift.

 I didn't get any pictures of our kite when it was lower but I'm really pleased with how nice it is. It is about 3 tall and slowly spins as it flies. It flies very well and hardly tugs on the string at all which is a welcome change from our triplane kite, that one will pull you off your feet if you are not careful.
Hubby really got it up high, in this picture it looks small because it is so high.
Before we left the island we stopped for ice cream at Aunt Ebby's. If you ever stop by, I highly recommend the peanut butter cup ice cream, it is out of this world. Oh, and the scoops are gigantic so go with an empty stomach.
Hubby got peanut butter cup (on my recommendation) and butter pecan and I got birthday cake and coffee. I wanted to try different flavors and while both of my scoops were delicious I think I'll get peanut butter cup next time since I just can't get over how dreamy it is.

On the way home Hubby spotted a boiled peanut guy that was just packing up shop but still had some peanuts for sale. We got a bag and stopped at the Crooked River Lighthouse to munch on them.
I love the Crooked River Lighthouse, it is so much fun to photograph. I love lighthouses in general but the last (and first) one I climbed was one too many, I do not enjoy steep staircases and heights.
We made one more stop on the way home, a public beach that was used in D-Day training for WWII.

The pull off has these adorable retro pavilions. The pavilions have water, grills, and even electric hook ups.
We stayed till the sun was hanging low in the sky then headed home.

It was such a nice way to spend a pretty Florida day. I had been kind of down since we hadn't been able to make reservations to camp in March since I have been on call all month long for jury duty, but Saturday really helped lift my spirits. 

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