Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Day Trip part 2 Lighthouse

When we got down to the lighthouse we sat for a few minutes and devoured our boiled peanuts. There was a small wedding group just finishing up photos, they were trying to get shots before the smoke rolled while while all the photographers were sitting there waiting for the smoke.
Our view from the bench as we ate
With the marsh water so low it was easy to walk out and get good points of view of the lighthouse (if you could dodge the other photographers, that is).

It felt like we were walking on plains, this area is normally under water.
 While sometimes I wish I lived somewhere else, North Florida is truly special. It is just under an hour drive to take in a view like this. The range of ecosystems and historic locations you can visit in a single day is impressive. The St Marks Light is the second oldest lighthouse in Florida.

Bird prints in the mud

 We walked one of the trails by the lighthouse, this white tree stood out against the smoke in the air.
This was one of the largest gators we spotted that day, it was a good 7 foot or so.
As the sun got lower in the sky and the smoke rolled in more we left the lighthouse and started home. 
On our way out we stopped by the butterfly garden to take some picturesque photos and watch the sun drop a little lower.

Hubby was right, he said this location looked like a postcard. 

A group of ibises and herons wading

A view of the sunset from the car

Some Bunny Loves You!