Friday, January 8, 2016

New Year New Problems

Oh wow, what a day I had yesterday. I walked just over 4 miles at a nice quick pace, put on great makeup, dressed up in the adorable dress I just finished this week (all while planning a post on how excited I was for 2016), got in my car and headed to railroad square to take bright and happy outfit photos by the brightly colored warehouses. About 4 blocks down the road without warning my oil pressure light and alarm come on in my car, now I'm not some ditsy chick that drives with that not knowing what it means, I was on a busy road and not in the best area of town but I knew I was only about 2 blocks from an auto parts store. I drove it to the store praying the whole way that my engine wouldn't blow. I got to the store and bought oil but when I went to put it in my car (remember all dolled up here in my new dress) the hood latch refused to release. I sat on the hood and called Hubby who was only about a mile away. He came and got the hood open and poured in some oil, he had me turn on the engine to check the level but when I did almost all the oil we had just poured in came shooting out like a geyser. The alarm didn't sound again but he agreed to follow me home because we knew it was a major problem and shouldn't be driven. About a block from home the alarm sounded again but I was able to coast it around the corner and into our driveway. Hubby took me to lunch at the Indian place while I wallowed in doubts and fears of repair costs. My car will be hitting the 20 year mark from the date of purchase on leap day this year and while she is a good reliable vehicle she has a few small things that need fixing so if the repair bill was going to be more than $800 it wouldn't be worth fixing and we would be looking for a newer vehicle for me. I spent the whole afternoon worrying of the outcome since we are young and really can't afford buying even a used car. Heck, I only have this one because she was given to me, I still would be car-less if Grandma hadn't given her to me. 

When Hubby got home he put my car up on the ramps and poked around trying to figure out where the oil was leaking from. We tracked it down to the oil cooler, luckily it was a cheap part with work able to be done without taking her to a shop. Hubby picked up the parts and tools needed and if it doesn't rain too much this weekend he'll try to fix it for me. Cross your fingers for us that this is the right fix and the engine didn't suffer any damage driving her back the 4 blocks or so to our house.
I had to take outfit photos at the house after lunch and by that time the lighting sucked. But since this is my new favorite dress I'll be wearing it often on the blog.
Isn't this print adorable? It is Day of the Dead kitties! I had fallen in love with print a month or so ago but was out of stock so when I saw it was back in I immediately ordered 3 yards.

Oh, look at this brooch! It is a jelly belly fish tank with a kitty. It was a Christmas gift from a dear friend.
Outfit details:

Hair Flower- eBay
Vintage Brooch- gift
Vintage earrings- Avon
Cardigan- Target, thrifted
Dress- Made by me, fabric from
Kitty Purse- Betsey Johnson, outlet
Kitty Shoes- Outlet


Powder- Marcelle Face Powder
Eye Shadow and Brows- NYX 
Lips- Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Outlaw
Blush- ELF
Nails- OPI in Coca-Cola Red
I think I'll wait to do my 2015 wrap up and 2016 goals in another post.

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