Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Cupcake Princess

For the MLK holiday Hubby and I took a trip to the Tallahassee Museum. Shout out to our aunt for buying us a year pass, thank you so much! We arrived around 10:30 and the lot was already very full although when we got in it wasn't as crowded as it seemed since it was lots of parents with small children that were happier playing on the playground than walking the trails.
The swamp is so picturesque, I could fill my memory card with shots of the Cyprus trees.
Hubby and I had a rather special animal sighting, a skunk! Never in my adult life have I seen it and even my friend that works at the museum has never seen it. Hubby and I watched it eat for about 15-20 minutes before it circled the feeder then bounded off into the palmettos.

The sky was bright and blue with no clouds but it was rather chilly so after we walked the loop to see the animals we stopped off for a coffee at the cafe. We drank it outside in the sunshine and ate the granola bars I brought with us. After our snack stop we visited the animals at the 1800s farm. 
 This leucistic squirrel was having breakfast in the goose feeder when we walked by. 
This one was hanging out by the smoke house, I almost didn't notice him because I was watching another one at the farm building.
After the farm we walked to Bellevue, the plantation home of Catherine Murat (a princess by marriage).
We had the house to ourselves so we were able to explore without interruptions. The last few times we visited we didn't get over to the house so it was Hubby's first time walking through.
The chilly weather called for a bulky sweater and thick tights. I got this adorable skirt at ModCloth during the big sale for $16 with shipping, I couldn't even make one for that price. While the skirt has holiday themed cupcakes I plan on wearing it all year because cupcakes and peppermints are two of my favorite things. It's hard to see but the cupcake print is in shades of pink and mint green.
 Outfit details:

Hat- Crocheted by me
Cupcake Earrings (not pictured) - Outlet store
Pinkie Pie Necklace- Etsy
Cat Purse- Betsey Johnson
Sweater- clothes swap
Cupcake Skirt- Retrolicious (ModCloth sale)
Cotton Tights- Sock Dreams
Shoes- Payless, kids section
Hubby being silly
 From the kitchen building

A recreation of a slave cabin
I always take tons of photos while at the museum so once again I'll split my post up into two. Stay tuned for lots of animal photos.

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