Monday, January 25, 2016


Boy, I've been so busy this week I never got around to posting the rest of the photos from the museum. Well, here we go.

 This is Bucket, he is quite the friendly fellow. You can read his story here.
This is a very lucky duck. She survived being shot by a duck hunter and being in a fridge for two days before the hunter's wife opened the fridge door and the duck looked up at her. She now happily lives at the museum with another duck and a bunch of screech owls.
 The bobcats were particularly playful, they play just like our three house cats. We spent a good long time watching them pounce on each other and wrestle. 
Oh my goodness, look at that face
The movement of bobcat tails is amazing, much more movement than a domestic cat. I think I love bobcats so much because I have quite the fondness for manx cats, I always try to have at least one in my life.
Florida panther paws
The newest additions to the museum family are the Texas cougar cub sisters. The museum raised the money to get them and they are quite the stars. They still have a touch of their baby spots but they look so grown up now from when they first arrived December.

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I got a quick video of them playing. When the one walks away at the end it is because a pair of girls in a canoe stopped in the swap to see them.