Monday, December 7, 2015


The ornament swap party went splendidly. I rarely get to host holiday events so it was a nice treat. Mom and I spent all Friday shopping and preparing the nibbles so Saturday morning all we had to do was toast up the french bread and load all the platters. I should have gotten more photos at the event but one can only do much while hosting. I didn't get a chance to take outfit photos till after the event which didn't have the best light, but that's our schedule lately, if we get time for photos it's when there is bad lighting.
Now that I am growing my hair out I love the look of wet sets even more than I did when it was short but rolling them on rollers is getting a little harder. Over the holidays I should get plenty of time to practice though.
Isn't this fabric pretty? I bought 5 yards early in the year when it was on sale at for a retro circle skirted dress that I hoped to wear to Disney. Confession- I love Frozen and I wanted to have a Frozen inspired print so this glitter coated snowflake print was perfect without looking too Elsa (I'm an Anna girl). Our holiday Disney plans fell through so I ended up using this fabric for Christmas gifts and made a quick elastic waist skirt for me, you can't tell very well in the photo but I used silver metallic thread for the hem. My $10 thrifted Betsey Johnson heels are perfect for holiday parties.
Outfit Details

Jewelry- Commission from Blithely Beaded
(Photos can not capture how amazingly beautiful the snowflakes are)
Sweater- Clothes Swap
Tank/Shoes- Thrifted
Skirt- Made by me

Happy Holidays and 
Some Bunny Loves Ya!