Thursday, December 10, 2015

Merry Berry

Just a quick post as I am ready to curl up and go to bed. Poor Hubby has been sick and I've been dealing with severe pain but we have almost made it to the weekend, we get a whole day to relax and heal on Saturday. Today was the first day Hubby was well enough to go back to work and a good thing too, it was his department's Christmas party. I made Vidalia onion deep dish casserole, a recipe my mom had made for years for potlucks. I'm glad I got an early start on prepping since it took so long for all the onions to cook down, I should have pulled out a bigger pot as it filled my favorite soup pot to the rim.
I wore my Heart of Haute dress that I bought from a friend. I've been waiting till the holidays to pull it out and luckily it was plenty warm to wear it without a wrap. I think this is the prettiest dress I own and yes, I was overdressed, but when am I not? I dress for myself and not for others.
Outfit details:
Earrings/Pendant: Blithely Beaded
Dress: Heart of Haute, secondhand with tags
Shoes: Old, Liz Clairborne
One week till my birthday!

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