Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Flying By

With as much fun as we've been having over break it is hard to believe it is almost over. It has been nice being busy. I have enjoyed dolling up every day too, as a homemaker make-up and pretty dresses don't fit into the everyday routine. I have missed cooking though, I have only heated up a canned soup one day and made a couple sandwiches in almost 10 days. My kitchen has been filled with trash bags and boxes waiting for trash/recycling pickup. This afternoon I couldn't stand it anymore (I was feeling very claustrophobic) so I turned into a Tasmanian devil tornado and cleaned the counters, pantry, cabinets, and had Hubby take out all the broken down boxes and bags of packing materials. I also put up almost all our Christmas gifts. This year was a year very usefully gifts. My parents got us a new comforter set, sheets, both sets of pajamas, and a big electric griddle for camping. I got Hubby some nice beard products and he got me baby pink mini food processor and immersion blender (to match my baby pink kitchen aid). 
We slept today in then took a trip to The Other Side Vintage for me to pick up a sunny yellow enameled colander that I fell in love with when they posted it on their Instagram. I wasn't sure it would still be there since it was so darling but sure enough it was still there, Hubby even spotted it for me. I also found a sturdy large handheld embroidery hoop and a adorable 1940s cookie cutter. I got out of the shop for under $20, a rare occasion for me. 

On the way back from shopping stopped to take these pictures, I have wanted to get some of these doors for a while now.
Outfit details:

Hair flower- eBay
Cardigan- Unique Vintage
Brooch- Vintage
Dress- Modcloth (gift)
Shoes- thrifted, originally Payless

I can't fully express how much I love this little cardigan. I have worn it nearly every other day lately. I think I'll push Hubby into letting me order the honey mustard colored one too. They are the perfect length for dresses and also great for chicks with larger hips that would make longer cardis fit oddly. I also like how the sleeve length can let my new tattoo peak out or when pushed up show it off fully.

 There is no containing my hair in this humidity.

It's late already but I should get working on making haystacks a upcoming shindig. The chocolate version came up in a conversation today but I immediately thought of the butterscotch ones my mom and I used to make, I couldn't get them off the brain so I got the ingredients to make them. I'm glad I cleaned the kitchen.

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