Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Flying By

With as much fun as we've been having over break it is hard to believe it is almost over. It has been nice being busy. I have enjoyed dolling up every day too, as a homemaker make-up and pretty dresses don't fit into the everyday routine. I have missed cooking though, I have only heated up a canned soup one day and made a couple sandwiches in almost 10 days. My kitchen has been filled with trash bags and boxes waiting for trash/recycling pickup. This afternoon I couldn't stand it anymore (I was feeling very claustrophobic) so I turned into a Tasmanian devil tornado and cleaned the counters, pantry, cabinets, and had Hubby take out all the broken down boxes and bags of packing materials. I also put up almost all our Christmas gifts. This year was a year very usefully gifts. My parents got us a new comforter set, sheets, both sets of pajamas, and a big electric griddle for camping. I got Hubby some nice beard products and he got me baby pink mini food processor and immersion blender (to match my baby pink kitchen aid). 
We slept today in then took a trip to The Other Side Vintage for me to pick up a sunny yellow enameled colander that I fell in love with when they posted it on their Instagram. I wasn't sure it would still be there since it was so darling but sure enough it was still there, Hubby even spotted it for me. I also found a sturdy large handheld embroidery hoop and a adorable 1940s cookie cutter. I got out of the shop for under $20, a rare occasion for me. 

On the way back from shopping stopped to take these pictures, I have wanted to get some of these doors for a while now.
Outfit details:

Hair flower- eBay
Cardigan- Unique Vintage
Brooch- Vintage
Dress- Modcloth (gift)
Shoes- thrifted, originally Payless

I can't fully express how much I love this little cardigan. I have worn it nearly every other day lately. I think I'll push Hubby into letting me order the honey mustard colored one too. They are the perfect length for dresses and also great for chicks with larger hips that would make longer cardis fit oddly. I also like how the sleeve length can let my new tattoo peak out or when pushed up show it off fully.

 There is no containing my hair in this humidity.

It's late already but I should get working on making haystacks a upcoming shindig. The chocolate version came up in a conversation today but I immediately thought of the butterscotch ones my mom and I used to make, I couldn't get them off the brain so I got the ingredients to make them. I'm glad I cleaned the kitchen.

Some Bunny Loves You!

Monday, December 28, 2015

Happy Holidays

We have been blessed to have family visiting over the holidays. It has been warm and rainy but it cleared up over the Christmas and the weekend so we could do some family activities.
We tried not to stay up too late the night before but that didn't go so well. Christmas morning came a little too soon, my body didn't want to get moving at all. Hubby's brother offered to make breakfast for everyone so we were in a rush to get out to their place. We had just enough time to stop and take a few photos at one of the historic houses in town. I find it hard to get photos of the historic district on my own since most of the buildings are businesses, I have to wait till weekends and holidays and if Hubby is with me it is an extra bonus so I don't have to lug my tripod around. 
 Outfit details

Jewelry- Blithely Beaded
Shirt- old
Belt- eBay
Skirt- Made by me
Purse- Betsey Johnson
Tights- Sock Dreams
Shoes- Payless (kids section)
My new tattoo is almost healed now and I don't think I lost much to any color.
The Chesley House was built in 1895 and placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979.

I slacked in picture taking on Christmas, I didn't get any pics of the tree or presents.

Saturday we made a family trip to the Tallahassee Museum. The white squirrels were out and  about, often you don't even see them.

The farm animals were being extra cute.
This lovely lady is one of two Texas Cougar cubs that the museum recently purchased. They just went on display last week and I was glad we were able to see them while they still had a few of their baby spots.
Bobcat belly! This fellow was sunbathing in the very tip top of the trees in the afternoon to catch the best rays.
Even with all the recent rainfall the lake is still down so you can see all of the plesiosaur.
The farm had reenactors while we were there. One of which was working on this lovely dresden plate quilt made with 1930s fabric. I would have loved to stayed around to talk to the woman quilting but she was busy answering questions of several people that knew absolutely nothing about quilting. I have a hard time remembering that a great number of people know nothing about crafting or sewing of any type. I was lucky to have been raised around it and am from a long time of quilters and seamstresses, and while I don't enjoy quilting myself (although I have made a number of quilts over the years) I enjoy talking about it with other quilters.

Happy Holidays and have a safe and joyous New Year!

Some Bunny Loves You!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Birthday Girl

That time has come again, a birthday. Normally I get very excited about birthdays but this one was a big one, the big 3-0. A big group of friends eased the pain of 30, I had a splendid evening. First up on the schedule was to see Star Wars in 3D. The movie was amazing, I was very pleased with it and am excited about the upcoming films. After the movie we grabbed pizzas and a drink at the arcade bar, the bar was offering a free Star Wars themed drink with a ticket stub.
I know I have worn this dress here before but I did order the fabric and make it to wear to watch Star Wars on my birthday, I just plan things way in advance.
Outfit details:

Star Earrings: Quarter Moon Imports
Necklace- Vintage
Dress- Made by me
Shoes- Old
If you have a keen eye you may have noticed my birthday present to myself, a new tattoo.
This lovely art was done at Euphoria Tattoos by the very talented and bright color loving Kate.

Happy Holidays

Some Bunny Loves Ya!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Merry Berry

Just a quick post as I am ready to curl up and go to bed. Poor Hubby has been sick and I've been dealing with severe pain but we have almost made it to the weekend, we get a whole day to relax and heal on Saturday. Today was the first day Hubby was well enough to go back to work and a good thing too, it was his department's Christmas party. I made Vidalia onion deep dish casserole, a recipe my mom had made for years for potlucks. I'm glad I got an early start on prepping since it took so long for all the onions to cook down, I should have pulled out a bigger pot as it filled my favorite soup pot to the rim.
I wore my Heart of Haute dress that I bought from a friend. I've been waiting till the holidays to pull it out and luckily it was plenty warm to wear it without a wrap. I think this is the prettiest dress I own and yes, I was overdressed, but when am I not? I dress for myself and not for others.
Outfit details:
Earrings/Pendant: Blithely Beaded
Dress: Heart of Haute, secondhand with tags
Shoes: Old, Liz Clairborne
One week till my birthday!

Some Bunny Loves Ya!

Monday, December 7, 2015


The ornament swap party went splendidly. I rarely get to host holiday events so it was a nice treat. Mom and I spent all Friday shopping and preparing the nibbles so Saturday morning all we had to do was toast up the french bread and load all the platters. I should have gotten more photos at the event but one can only do much while hosting. I didn't get a chance to take outfit photos till after the event which didn't have the best light, but that's our schedule lately, if we get time for photos it's when there is bad lighting.
Now that I am growing my hair out I love the look of wet sets even more than I did when it was short but rolling them on rollers is getting a little harder. Over the holidays I should get plenty of time to practice though.
Isn't this fabric pretty? I bought 5 yards early in the year when it was on sale at Fabric.com for a retro circle skirted dress that I hoped to wear to Disney. Confession- I love Frozen and I wanted to have a Frozen inspired print so this glitter coated snowflake print was perfect without looking too Elsa (I'm an Anna girl). Our holiday Disney plans fell through so I ended up using this fabric for Christmas gifts and made a quick elastic waist skirt for me, you can't tell very well in the photo but I used silver metallic thread for the hem. My $10 thrifted Betsey Johnson heels are perfect for holiday parties.
Outfit Details

Jewelry- Commission from Blithely Beaded
(Photos can not capture how amazingly beautiful the snowflakes are)
Sweater- Clothes Swap
Tank/Shoes- Thrifted
Skirt- Made by me

Happy Holidays and 
Some Bunny Loves Ya!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Sew Busy

I have good news to report, my dad is doing well. He is up and moving around as well as eating again. 

This weekend is going to be super busy, Hubby and I have so many events to attend. Saturday I'm hosting an ornament swap party at my parent's house so Mom and I will be grocery shopping and baking most of Friday afternoon. Saturday is the busiest day in town, I  swear every winter event that could be will be happening. Luckily Hubby and I don't have to cross the Winter Fest parade route to get to Trashmas (the Trash Cinema's yearly Christmas movie and party). That reminds me, I need to dig out the gift for the black elephant swap. Then Sunday is the yearly potluck of one of our friends.
I've been spending lots of time in my sewing room finishing the last few things so today I let myself out for lunch at my favorite Indian restaurant. Since I've been sewing so much lately I wore my sewing themed dress I made when I first got my current sewing machine. 
The weather cooled off today from a steamy 80 with 90+ humidity earlier this week to lovely low 50s. It was the perfect excuse to wear a cardigan and my new Christmas kitty brooch that I couldn't say no to when I saw it on Amazon. This year I seem to be really excited about Christmas which is rather odd for me.
I took photos in Railroad Square today at the adorable mini studios. Man I wish I could run a little business or have a studio in one of these. I would pick the orange one since the yellow is already taken.
Outfit details:

Hair clip- made by me
Brooch- Amazon
Cardigan- clothes swap
Dress- made by me
Belt- Target
Tights- Sock Dreams
Kitty shoes- Outlet store
Some Bunny Loves Ya!