Thursday, November 12, 2015


Hubby and I don't get to go out and explore as much as I would like, especially now that it gets dark so early. He gets home after dark, we have dinner, he reads manga, we watch a TV show or two together then it is bed time. Yesterday was Veteran's day and being a state worker Hubby got the day off, so for a treat we drove to a sleepy little neighboring town that is only about 25 minutes away. The weather was temperate and the sky was clear with no clouds, the perfect day for walking around the historic district.
Quincy is a time capsule, if it wasn't for the steady stream of modern cars you wouldn't guess you were in the 2000s. Founded in the 1820s Quincy was a tobacco farming area and investors from the town were partely responsible for making Coca-Cola the company it is now a days.

We parked right by the Coke mural and walked across the street to the courthouse. The parade had been canceled but the town was holding a nice ceremony and BBQ on the steps of the court house.  
Living in the south there are always reminders of the sad past. Wars are horrible no matter what they are fought about, unfortunately now children are not taught enough about the history of our country. The Civil War broke up families- sons fought fathers, brothers turned against brothers, not everyone that fought for the south owned slaves. Modern weapons were being used with old war tactics, too many good men on both sides died. Remembering your history does not mean that you support the cause but simply you preserve the memory so that such an atrocity will never again happen.
 The land that the courthouse is on has been in continuous use since 1827.
 Just around the corner from the courthouse is the Leaf Theatre. The theatre was built in 1949 as a movie house and was called the Leaf after the major crop of the area (tobacco), the colors were also chosen to be representative of  crop. The building is now used as a musical theatre. The inside is simply gorgeous and kept retro. 
 While strolling along we met this sweet tom. He was very talky and came over for a scratch.
After chilling with kitty we walked to The Eastern Cemetery. I'll have to put the photos from there in a post by themselves, I take way too many photos in cemeteries. 
If I ever am able to further my education I want to be a history major with special interest in cultural anthropology. I love learning about the past and why and how cultural influences shape us. My dream job would be a docent/tour guide in some of the historic locations or history museums here in North Florida. (Well, that since cemetery caretakers aren't what they used to be)
 This is an amazing old building in the heart of downtown that is abandoned.
 If my video gaming time has told me anything, this would be the place of a secret passage.
Hehe, you can tell these photos where taken after exploring the cemetery since my boots are covered with hitch-hikers.
Outfit details:

Necklace- Gift from my Mom, bought on a reservation in the west
Dress- Made by me, McCalls 6955
Belt- from another dress
Bracelet- gift
Tights- Sock Dreams
Boots- Old, Payless

Eyes/Brows- NYX
Lips- ColourPop in Frida
Nails- Essie, in Roarrrrange (bought at an outlet for $2.50)

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