Friday, November 13, 2015

Quincy part 2

As promised here are some of the photos from the Eastern Cemetery. The Eastern Cemetery was one of three original cemeteries in Quincy and was founded in the 1820s. I had seen it many times in passing but I never realized how small it was. Unlike many cemeteries, houses border two sides within 6 feet of grave stones. 
The cemetery is still fairly well maintained, a few family plots needed a good ridding of sticker vines but it was nice to see such an old place maintained.
Many of the family plots still has their original iron fences and gates that still worked (not rusted shut). Iron cemetery fences are one of my favorite things to photograph.
A solitary white camellia was in early bloom blanketing the ground by this infant's grave in Florida snow 
While most of the soldiers names have been forgotten to time a couple of old stones still remain.
The original fence trapped in trees that grew through it.
This stone was a little hidden but the dates were interesting.
There were many stones with interesting inscriptions.
One family's plot had a very ornate fence that you could tell that once had enameled details.
One plot had only a gate that remained.
Next trip to Quincy I hope to walk around this cemetery again as well as visit the western one.

I have one more post from the day. Stay tuned.

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