Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Holidays Are Here

Since the last time I blogged I found out my dad was ill, he had been in bed for a week in a great deal of pain and wasn't eating. This past Friday my mom was able to get him to the doctor to start doing tests, it turned out to be his gallbladder. Hubby and I brought Chinese over for dinner on Sunday to spend some time with them since we had missed lunch with them the past few weeks because of the last home Volleyball games. Mom really appreciated the company and food, Chinese has always been our comfort food. It was odd to see Dad so weak, he is a big bear of a man that never lets anything physical get in his way. I called Mom to check up today and she said they did surgery last night and he is going to be in the hospital for a day or so for monitoring. 
A sweater from the clothes swap
Since Mom was taking Dad to the doctor we didn't get our normal girl day. She was pleased that my friends and I were having a clothing swap that evening so I could still have a little fun. The clothes swap was even bigger than last time and I'm pretty sure we had less people, we all did a great job of cleaning out our closets. Even after all of us picked things over we still filled up the back of my Volvo wagon with clothes and accessories to donate.
I picked up so many great pieces at the swap. I grabbed several new cardigans, some amazing dresses, a great workout jacket, adorable accessories, way too many St. Patrick's Day shirts, some make-up and toiletries,  and half a bag of nice spools of ribbon.
This week is the first cool week in a very long time. Last night there was even a frost advisory, our weather sensitive plants and porch bunnies spent the evening inside. The rabbits are not pleased with being in their inside pen and having to deal with Tipsy (aka, the house bunny).
With all the stuff going on I have been having trouble sleeping, often the best sleep I can get is 5 am-10 am. Yesterday I slept in late but after lunch I spent the whole day in my sewing room sewing Christmas gifts as well as the skirt I wore today. I've had this vintage print for a year or so now, I wanted to make a dress but it wasn't quite enough so I made a quick elastic waist skirt instead. Yeah, it's not even Thanksgiving yet and I'm wearing Christmas prints. I've been so much in Christmas gift mode and listening to holiday music I think I'm turning into an elf.  Today I slept in again but I ran soooo many errands today to make up for it and I have a full afternoon of wrapping gifts. Now that I'm finally finished making things I can start working on some charity items.
Outfit details

Pony/belt- eBay
Earrings- made by me
Necklace- vintage
Cardi- swap
Tank- thrifted
Skirt- made by me
Cotton tights- Sock Dreams
Shoes- Payless

I love these cotton tights so much, I buy a new pair every year even though they last me a good 5 years. I have only run holes in several pairs and they are the ones that are at least 5 years old, and even then I just sew them up and keep wearing them. When I was heavier I would buy the plus version but the normal ones are plenty roomy to fit over my full hips and big booty. I wear them almost every day in autumn and winter. I even wear them under jeans to outdoor events when it is really cold.

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Give Thanks

Today Hubby's building had their Thanksgiving lunch. The department goes all out with turkey, ham, and even smoked chicken. Everyone brings a side or desert and we all eat way more than we should (in grand Thanksgiving tradition). We are all thankful we are safe and together for the holidays, it's hard to believe it has been a year since the shoot out on campus.
Sorry for the lack of cool background, we were in a hurry to snap these before it started raining again.
Outfit details:

Dress: Made by me, Butterick 5982
Ponytail- eBay
Earrings: Outlet store
Brooch- Vintage
Belt- Target
Shoes- Outlet Store
Wearing this dress again really makes me want to make another with the striped skirt. This time I may try the 3 color idea on the pattern sheet. I have some Christmas fabrics laying around waiting to be sewn.
I found a cool desk on our neighborhood facebook group that would work well for a sewing desk, Hubby and I picked it up and he glued the bits that needed to be secured. Last night around 11:30 pm I got a crazy idea and started moving furniture around. (Hubby will tell you this is common place for me, he will often come home to a full redo of a room.) I moved the desk I was using out of my sewing room then dragged the monster of a new desk in. I was worried since the new to me desk wasn't as wide that it wouldn't fit as much but it surprised me, I fit more stuff in it freeing up a small bookcase to put larger, bulkier items in. I think I have a little more floor space so I can maybe set up a full size ironing board up when I need to. I can't wait to see the room after the the stuff for the clothes swap this week and the boxes for Christmas gifts are out of there, I might be lucky enough to be able to turn around without hitting something, oh the struggles of smallish older houses.

I have made good progress on Christmas gift making and shopping. I won a few small things and I redeemed some points and coupons to get some good deals.

 I have applied several places for a seasonal job to help out with the finances and pay off car repair bills but I haven't heard back from any yet. It's been hard being out of the workforce for so long, I feel sometimes I get passed by because of it. I am older and more experienced than the last time I had a paying job, it is hard work running household taking care of 6  furry children. Maybe I should add domestic engineer to my resume? 

Have a happy and safe holiday
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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Gas Money, Quincy part 3

If you don't enjoy cemeteries as much as I do here are some fun pics for you. Hubby noticed this cool location on our way into town and pulled in our our way out.

Enjoy the pictures with a tune

Isn't it adorable? We'll have to go back when it is open to get some info on it.

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Friday, November 13, 2015

Quincy part 2

As promised here are some of the photos from the Eastern Cemetery. The Eastern Cemetery was one of three original cemeteries in Quincy and was founded in the 1820s. I had seen it many times in passing but I never realized how small it was. Unlike many cemeteries, houses border two sides within 6 feet of grave stones. 
The cemetery is still fairly well maintained, a few family plots needed a good ridding of sticker vines but it was nice to see such an old place maintained.
Many of the family plots still has their original iron fences and gates that still worked (not rusted shut). Iron cemetery fences are one of my favorite things to photograph.
A solitary white camellia was in early bloom blanketing the ground by this infant's grave in Florida snow 
While most of the soldiers names have been forgotten to time a couple of old stones still remain.
The original fence trapped in trees that grew through it.
This stone was a little hidden but the dates were interesting.
There were many stones with interesting inscriptions.
One family's plot had a very ornate fence that you could tell that once had enameled details.
One plot had only a gate that remained.
Next trip to Quincy I hope to walk around this cemetery again as well as visit the western one.

I have one more post from the day. Stay tuned.

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