Friday, October 2, 2015

Wild Week

Ever had one of those weeks that you just wish hadn't happened? Well, that's been my week. Everything has just seemed to go wrong. I have been thankful to have a big group of friends to seek solace in. This past weekend I was involved in a scary incident that left me mentally and physically scarred. My left arm is pretty banged up and I have a big ol' green and purple bruise about the size of my hand, thankfully the I was able to work the big knot it had out with heat. While I'm holding up pretty good I still am getting scared and shaky at times which makes it very hard to work on the big crochet project I need to finish. Then it rained most of the week so I couldn't get out to exercise to burn of nervous energy.

Monday a part broke of Hubby's car and when we dropped it off at the shop they found several more areas with damaged that had to be repaired. Needless to say it was a big expense we weren't planning on having. He got to pick it up today which means I have my car back again. We had planned on going out of town this weekend but we decided to stay to save a little money.

But onto the good- Today was the start of the Greek Food Festival (Yeah, you heard me. Not Greek Fest, Greek Food Fest). We made sure to arrive plenty early to beat the lunch crowd. We whizzed through the gyro line as well as the a la carte line (to get spanakopita and tiropita) in no time and joined my parents at a table to eat.
I've been dying to wear this dress all week, it was given to me by a friend. I always was gaga over this dress when it was on ModCloth but I never could afford it. This one was a little big on me but I was able to alter it to fit pretty well. I can't wait to style it more ways, it has so many fun colors and is such an adorable girly print.
After lunch Hubby and I braved the pastry line, it was long but it wasn't really that bad. We picked up some baklava and some individual layered chocolate sponge cakes that are coated with ganache. After the kind of week we've had we needed chocolate.
Woohoo, my hair is finally long enough again to do milkmaid braids. Also, how do you like the neon orange? I found a bottle of it hiding in the back of the closet when I was touching up my hair so I switched over to orange for a while.
Outfit details:

Earrings- Other Side Vintage
Necklace- remade from another necklace
Sweater- Ann Taylor, thrifted
Dress- ModCloth, gift
Purse- Vintage
Shoes- BAIT, sale

Hair color- Special Effects in Hi-Octane Orange
Lips: Read My Lips in Killing Me Softly
 As we were heading out the dance groups were just starting to perform. I wish we could have stayed a little longer to see the more advanced group dance but we had to rush to pick up the car at the shop.

Here's looking to a brighter week next week.

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