Saturday, October 24, 2015

Farm Tour

This morning I woke up before 9am and put on a pot of coffee as well as my make-up. Normally weekends Hubby and I sleep in but today my parents offered to take me along with them on the farm tour so I didn't want to miss that. Fridays are the day my mom and I hang out but yesterday was rather busy with me baking all afternoon so mom and I just talked and watched The Munsters in between batches of cupcakes rather than going out somewhere fun. Today was our fun day.

Lots of photos, enjoy!
The first farm we visited was one I am very familiar with, Ripe City, an urban farm in Midtown. Ripe City is in my neck of the woods and in the summer I like to walk by it on my morning walks to see all the pretty flowers they grow along the road.
Their peppers were still booming but the farm looks a little sparse with the tomatoes in not being in season.
The chickens were lively and didn't want me taking photos of them.
The farm cat (kitten) was adorable and super friendly. It had the most adorable voice, more of a chirp and click rather than a meow.

The second farm we visited was Millstone Plantation, a real working farm originally built in the 1800s. It is 100+ acres of beautiful rolling hills overlooking a lake. 
There were several potters demonstrating their skill and selling wares.
They had llamas, sheep, goats, and a donkey
There were weavers and spinners working from the wool of the animals on the farm.
My brooch is a bee and a wild flower, I picked it up from Salvation Army for $1.00. I wore it today since most of the farms sell honey as well as veggies.

 I was bad last week and ordered some lipsticks from NYX while the wicked and macaroon colors were on sale, I also ordered one of their matte colors to get free shipping on my order. This is Indie Flick and I am totally in love, I like it just as much or even more than some of my more expensive lipsticks. Plus as a bonus it is nearly the same shade as my hair.

The third and last farm we visited was Orchard Pond. I really enjoyed seeing the different garden plots as well as the larger rows.
some gigantic persimmons
I love marigolds, they are so bright and happy
An owl decoy overlooks a family plot
Rows of old okra plants were left to bloom on the edge of the farm

I wish they had had some yellow squash for sale at the produce booth, I would have bought a bagful.

I stopped to take pictures of the beauty berries on the way out, they grow wild everywhere around here and are such a pretty purple color.

My mom and I bought eggplants, greens, and fresh ginger at the stand before leaving. I also splurged on a pound bottle of wildflower honey that had some comb, I am a honeycomb fiend.

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