Saturday, October 17, 2015

Black Is Such A Happy Color

"Black is such a happy color, Darling!" - Morticia Addams

Today I got up fairly early after getting to bed rather late and not getting much sleep, FSU's game was a noon kick-off so we had to get started early. I made some lovely biscuits and scrambled eggs with feta for breakfast for Hubby, myself, and Hubby's mom. We all ate too many biscuits, it's so hard not to when they are fresh made. After Hubby and his mom left I did my hair and got dressed up to go grab a to-go lunch from a friend's church's fall festival.

Ever notice sometimes when you don't plan out an outfit first and have no idea what to wear how you randomly pull out a few pieces and put together a great ensemble? I knew I wanted to wear my long flowing skirt today but I had no idea what to wear on top. I tried on several blouses but didn't like them with the skirt so while digging around in my closet I stumbled upon this one. I kind call it my favorite hardly ever worn blouse, I often forget I own it. I normally pull it out around the winter holidays to wear to parties since it is quite fancy. Together with the skirt it reminded me of something I would have worn in high school, although in high school I probably would have been wearing 6 inch platform shoes ;)
For photos I went to one of the lesser traveled cemeteries in town. This cemetery is the historic African-American cemetery established in 1937 and was only restored and brought to it's current beauty in 1987. As a result of years of neglect many grave stones are broken or unreadable (also due to lower cost stones, often hand poured and stamped cement). I feel privileged to live walking distance from four of the oldest cemeteries in the city, I often walk in them and soak in the history of the area. Some people say coimetromania like it's a bad thing.
My very well loved bat purse that I bought used for $1
Outfit details:

Necklace- Made by me
Top- Burlington
Skirt- Clothes Swap, free pile
Purse/Boots- The OTHER SIDE Vintage

I've been dying to show off this necklace, I made it a month or so ago while I was down with a sinus infection. I drooled over this pattern for a long time, I found it oddly enough while reading Dracula. I'm glad I finally bought it, it is gorgeous! For this one I used an edit from another raveler to have only 7 "butterflies"and crocheted with a C or D hook if I remember correctly (remember, I was sick when I made it). I have made several more with finer thread as the pattern is written. If you crochet and are looking for an elegant necklace pattern I highly recommend the Mina Harker Necklace. I accented mine with glass bi-cone beads and a Wednesday cameo that I have had for a few years, I was happy to make something worthy of her.
Today I got asked/told there had to be a story behind my outfit. I wish I could come up with witty stories on the spot but I was so taken aback I simply smiled and replied no. I got up and got dressed, that was all.

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