Thursday, September 3, 2015

Splish Splash

Another boring week around here. Lots of my friends are prepping for Dragon Con, someday I'll get to go. I enjoyed shopping with a couple of friends over the weekend, we hit a bunch of thrift shops and found quite a few things they needed for their costumes (and I scored quite a few nice deals too). 

WWE came through for a live show on Sunday. Yes, wrestling is my guilty pleasure. For a split roster (half was in Daytona) it was a really good show. Last time I attended a non televised show it was a big let down so this was a very nice surprise. We only bought cheap tickets (since we weren't expecting much) but the ones we got were even better than the expensive ones we shelled out for last time. We were up only one level above the floor with a great view. I kind of feel bad for the girl next to me, I'm sure she lost her voice with the way she screamed straining her vocal cords the whole show, my ears are still ringing a bit.

Good news, I lost the 8 pounds I was trying to. My athletic clothes are feeling a little bit looser on the bottom, little steps. I celebrated by getting a mint chocolate chip cupcake at my favorite cupcake shop to celebrate. It seemed fitting since when I was on my big (90ish pound) loss I would allow one splurge a week and it was always a Lucy and Leo's cupcake. Now that I lost the 8 I may press a little more and go for 5 more, that is the weight I feel the best at. When it cools down and the humidity drops I want to push up to 5 miles a day. I enjoy not coming home looking like a jumped in a pool from only a 2-3 mile walk in the morning.
While it's still hot I'm trying to wear this dress as much as possible.
This mermaid bag was one of my thrift finds Saturday, it was brand new and only $4! A friend bought me a water bottle with the same design recently so I knew I had to have it. 
I wore my Chicken of the Sea mermaid brooch and earring set today. It's still hard to believe that when packing the costume jewelry at Grandma's house someone almost threw this set out. I think it is just dandy.
Outfit details:

Sunnies- Quarter Moon
Dress- Made by me, vintage reproduction pattern
Belt- eBay
Mermaid brooch/earrings- Vintage
Shoes- Clarks, thrifted
I'm sewing a new dress to debut soon, I plan on wearing it to the home opener for volleyball season. I was planning on finishing it up today but I'm feeling a little lazy so I may just play some Eternal Darkness.

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