Saturday, September 12, 2015


This week has been a doozy. I have had a sinus crap that put me on the couch all week. I woke up Sunday morning with a tickle in my throat and by Sunday evening all I wanted to do was curl up in a ball. Monday-Thursday the only energy I could muster was right around dinner time and just enough to cook. I had to skip walking all week. Being on the couch hasn't been all bad, I've been enjoying a Buffy the Vampire Slayer marathon while I've been down. Friday brought a little hope, I was feeling a lot better and I got to hang out with my mom for part of the afternoon. She brought me Chinese take out for lunch, Chinese has always been my comfort food. She even brought me an extra quart of egg drop soup which I am happily slurping down for lunch today. 

Friday evening was the home opener for volleyball season. I started a dress to wear for it last week but with my head being so fuzzy I barely finished it in time. The zipper ended up going in a little wonky so I think once I am better I'll take it out and redo it as well as taking up an inch or two in the waist since it turned out a little large.

Our girls won the game 3-0 but by the time I got home I was running a temp of 100.1. I took a cool shower and ate a pineapple popcicle so by the time I went to bed the fever had broken. I'm taking it easy today but I still plan on going to the game tonight to cheer (well, not out loud) the girls on.

I didn't have time to wet set my hair so I hit it with my curling iron. I kind of fried my ends since I am so out of practice with it. I think it has been a year since I curled with heat.
Outfit details:

Dress- made by me
Butterick 5982 with puff sleeves from a McCall's costume pattern
Belt- eBay
Shoes- Melissa (secondhand)
It felt great to put on make-up, it made me feel so much more human.
 Both Hubby and I are feeling like zombies so I am surprised any of these photos even made it to the blog.
Here's hoping I feel better soon, I have lots to do this month.

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