Thursday, September 17, 2015


I am once again part of the world of the living, well, mostly. Monday was the first day I really started feeling like vertical was a good idea. I didn't quite feel up to walking so I pulled the unwanted plants in the beds around the house. I pulled all the mexican petunias, almost all the hosta, and thinned my gigantic aloe plants. I currently look like I lost a fight with a pack of kittens, aloes can pack a punch. Hubby and I hadn't pulled aloe babies for over a year or more so when I went in to thin I must have pulled up about 50 ranging from the teeny tiny to some whoppers that were nearly 2 feet across. I posted on Facebook about the babies and some of my gardening friends came over to adopt aloes. I still have a good number left over that I'll add to the property line and the natural fence we are growing.
The next morning when I rolled out of bed I could barely move, I think I overdid it. Even today I still am in a lot of pain, I had to take a muscle relaxer it was so bad. I've started walking again, I can only currently do two miles. My mind is willing but my body is still weak and healing after being in bed sick.
I'm really glad to be on my feet again because this is a super busy week. Last night we met up with some friends and my god father to go see the Doctor Who 3D showing of Dark Water/Death in Heaven. The 3D was lame, but I expected that, but the reason I wanted to see it on the big screen was Missy. I really want to make a Missy costume and I wanted to see the details as big as possible.
 I wore my favorite Doctor Who shirt and the new DW print skirt I made. I can really notice the loss of the few pounds I have been working on, I already have to take up the waist on the skirt. I did expect having to take it up though because I really wanted the DW print the correct way along the band which lead to some stretching due to it being with the grain instead of against it. No biggie though, just a little hand work moving the bottom of the fasteners over.
Lol, I'm still washed out from being sick so my powder is too dark.
Outfit Details:

Necklace- Fool Moon Treasures
Shirt- Old, Etsy
Skirt- Made by me, fabric
Shoes- Poetic Licence, second hand from eBay
The new season starts this week, I'm so excited!

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