Monday, August 3, 2015

High Tide

A friend of ours is traveling out of country for an amazing work opportunity and is going to be gone for three months. For her last weekend in town a small group of us went to the beach. We chose Alligator point since it is quiet and clean.

 I've been struggling with low body confidence lately which is really odd for me. Even though I have lost four of the eight pounds I've been trying to lose I have still felt bloated and unhappy. I will say though, nothing boosts your confidence like a sweet rainbow monokini :) I found this beauty at the Salvation Army for $3! I didn't think I'd fit in it because it was marked a size smaller than I normally take but when I put it on I knew I had to have it. This bathing suit reminds me of my Lisa Frank filled childhood.  
The shorts were thrifted, I had bought a pair at Walmart the year prior for canoeing and they have turned out to be my favorite lounge shorts. I was excited when I found another pair.
 I had freshly dyed my hair the day prior because I didn't think I would be getting my hair wet. Little did I know, as soon as I stepped in after these photos I got sucker punched in the face by a huge wave.

Alligator Point is on the Gulf coast and normally doesn't have many big waves, but on Saturday there were waves that were several feet over our tall guy's heads. Storms along the coast must have been the culprit, it also caused very high tides. We had to move our camp several times and ended up leaving a little earlier than planned because the water ate the whole beach.
At one point during some big waves Hubby felt something large hit his leg. The water is so dark at the point you can't see what is in the water. We brushed it off as being a big fish but after another big wave hit something knocked Hubby off his feet and swam completely under him. We were all terrified, our minds all jumped to a shark. As soon as hubby was able to stand up we all ran up to shore to see if we could spot a fin. We never saw a fin so we figured it might have been a big ray, rays and skates are quite prevalent in the area. Soon we ventured back into the water, upon entering we overheard some people near by saying that there was a manatee. Sure enough, we spotted the tell tale nose surface for air. The manatee must have come in close to head up the river and stopped to graze on the large amounts of seaweed that washed in. We gave the manatee plenty of space (Floridian's all know it's illegal to pet or bother a manatee) but we enjoyed it's company for about 45 minutes.

 The ghost crabs weren't happy about the high tides, they were running for cover in the dunes. They were adorable as they swam through the tidal pools and skittered across our towels.

I did get a small burn on my left shoulder and a tad bit along my hair line but other than that I did pretty well.

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