Monday, August 10, 2015


Saturday was International Cat Day, Hubby and I are crazy cat people so we celebrated by having a friend over and playing Exploding Kittens
Before the exploding went down I dragged Hubby down to the train station to take a few pictures of my new dress. I got it the night before at a clothes swap with my gal pals. The clothes swap was a super fun time, almost everyone left with a bag or two of new to them clothes and we still had lots left over to donate. 
I am a clotheshorse, I admit it. I love clothes almost as much as life and voracious thrift items. I almost never buy new clothes, I've made or thrifted almost my whole closet. I love the thrill of thrifting, you never know what you'll find.
Anyway, back to this dress. I like pastels on other people but not so much on myself so I find it kind of funny that two of my favorite summer dresses are in this pretty shade of mint. I love vintage fashion, especially the 1960s, so I was drawn to this dress the second I saw it, I even thought it was vintage at first. I slipped it on and all the girls agreed it needed to go home with me. It is quite rare for me to find this style that fits both my bust and my hips.
Originally I planned to style this with a large vintage beaded necklace, bangles, and my retro hoop earrings but in honor of International cat day I wore a cute kitty brooch and earrings set I also picked up at the clothes swap.
I think this was the best bouffant I have ever done, it lasted all day without flattening out. I gave my roots a generous spritz of good quality dry shampoo before teasing then hit it with some extra firm hold hair spray. When Fall rolls around I may style my hair like this more often.

Outfit Details:

Scarf- Vintage,The Other Side
Dress- From a friend
Shoes-  BAIT

Eye shadow- Urban Decay
Liner- Elf Cream Liner
Lips- Studded Kiss in Noble
Blush- Hikari in Tango
Hair- Pravana Red (slightly faded)
Nails: Formula X in Monumental

On a sad note- our sweet hamster crossed the rainbow bridge Sunday morning. She died from natural causes, most likely old age. She had been having trouble breathing and had possibly gone blind over the last week so we knew she was close to leaving us. It was only 13 months since she was brought to us in a shoe box cranky and pregnant. We gave her a happy life, I often wonder how long she had been stuck in a cramped space at a pet store and forced to breed. We had only just bought her a hamster ball, she loved rolling around and chasing the cats, I am sad that we didn't get her one sooner, it brought her such joy. We buried her under the tree we planted on top of our dear Mercury when he was taken from us. 

Some Bunny Loves You!