Thursday, August 27, 2015

Spanish Moss

This week we have had a mini cool front roll through. It's funny how a dip in the temperatures makes one think of Fall, even if the lower temps are still in the 90s. This week has been rather blah, not much to do other than lounge around and do laundry. Maybe with the more mild weather Hubby can mow the lawn after work so we can go on a day trip this weekend.
I'm still showing off pieces I got from the clothes swap a while back. I picked up both the blouse and skirt in the free pile. This isn't a look you normally see on the blog but it is very close to my heart. I used to wear a lot of bohemian style clothing and it always makes me happy to wear a flowing skirt or dreamy peasant blouse. I'd even been searching for the perfect broomstick skirt all summer so I was extra excited when I grabbed this beauty. It's hard to tell in these photos but the skirt is sheer, I wore it with a black slip today but I may try shorts next time for greater ease of movement.

Outfit details

Earrings: Old
Blouse- Clothes swap, hand embroidered in Mexico
Belt- eBay
Skirt- Clothes Swap
Shoes- Mel (clearance for $9!)

 Last time I wore this top I pulled out the yellow. I pulled my hair back with a big yellow flower, yellow flower earrings, and my yellow BAIT Donna's. I hope I get to wear this top lots before it gets too cool to wear off the shoulder things.

Did I remember to clean my lens since last week? Nope, of course not. I just did while writing this so hopefully my photos will look clearer next post.

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Be Afraid

Recently I succumbed to two Tee Fury shirts, one was an X Files one and the other Wednesday Addams. Quite appropriately my Wednesday shirt showed up on Wednesday (after being in my town then getting shipped back to Cali then back to my town). Sorry the photos aren't the best today, I need to clean my lens and the sun couldn't make up it's mind of what it wanted to do.

I lucked out when parking today, I found a spot that still had an hour on the timer. Although, that was about the only thing that went well today. It turned into one of "those" days.
In the short distance around the side and into the cemetery I was already sweating. It was super muggy, basically like walking in warm soup. The sun was ridiculous, every time I would set up a shot the sun would come out from behind a cloud and ruin my shot.
When I moved around to a different area in the cemetery a police car pulled in and watched me for a few minutes. That was rather odd, I don't know if he was just on patrol or if someone had called them about a goth girl walking around with a tripod and a parasol. I also got watched by a group of construction workers, between my watchers I was a little creeped out so I ended my photo session early, today was just not a good day for photos.
Outfit Details:

Parasol- Steampunk Convention
Be Afraid Necklace- Etsy
Skeleton Bracelet- ModCloth
Shirt- Tee Fury
Skirt- Made by Me
Jack Skellington Purse- Thrifted
Socks- Outlet
Shoes- Kids Section at Payless


Hair- Pravana Red
Smashbox Photo Finish Primer *
City Color HD Powder *
Elf Creme Liner
Essence Lash Princess *
Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Palette
Hikari Blush in Tango *
NYX Wicked Lippie in Betrayal
Nails- Nina Ultra Pro in Anaconda Liked It

* Denotes items that have come from Ipsy bags. Ipsy is a make-up subscription bag, $10 a month gets you 4-5 sample to full size products in a cute bag. If you sign up via the Ipsy link I will receive points towards extra products.

After taking photos I drove to our normal lunch spot to find out they were closed for renovations. I called Hubby to let him know before he headed that way. We ended up going to another one of our favorite places. On the way home I had to get gas because I was riding on empty, it was then that the ominous clouds decided to open up, it's safe to say I ended up soaked.

Here's hoping tomorrow that the sun will come out and it will be a better day.

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Friday, August 14, 2015

Next Stop Everywhere

Those of you who know me or follow my blog may have figured out that I'm a geek. Big surprise right? My favorite genre is space, whether it be Star Trek, Red Dwarf, SG1, Star Wars, or Doctor Who (etcetera). I've been eyeing space prints since I got my sewing machine last year but I hadn't found the perfect one till recently. I bought this fabric for my birthday dress even though my birthday isn't until December, I'm not great at waiting. My first plan for it was to make a full circle skirted dress but after washing the fabric it shrunk 3 inches across which made cutting out a circle skirt impossible with the yardage I had. I eventually settled on McCalls 6955 with the longer skirt which also happened to be the last dress I made back in May. 
Everything that looks white is really metallic silver

 I had a hard time picking out what shoes to wear today because I have so many pairs that would look killer with this dress. I settled on my Vivienne Westwood ones because of the blue orb.  
This shutter is right next to the one I took my mermaid photos in front of, each one is unique.
Outfit details:

Ponytail- eBay
TARDIS necklace- Fool Moon Treasures
Dress- Made by me, fabric from
Belt- eBay (I want one in every color now)
Shoes- Vivienne Westwood


Smashbox Photo Finish Primer *
City Color HD Powder *
Elf Creme Liner
Marcelle  Waterproof  Eyeliner in Blue Lagoon *
Essence Lash Princess *
Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Palette
Hikari Blush in Tango *
Everlasting Liquid Lipstick by Kat Von D in Outlaw
Probelle Nail Polish in Into the Blue *

* Denotes items that have come from Ipsy bags. Ipsy is a make-up subscription bag, $10 a month gets you 4-5 sample to full size products in a cute bag. If you sign up via the Ipsy link I will receive points towards extra products.

Bonus Pics. These both were outtakes but I think they look great.

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Monday, August 10, 2015


Saturday was International Cat Day, Hubby and I are crazy cat people so we celebrated by having a friend over and playing Exploding Kittens
Before the exploding went down I dragged Hubby down to the train station to take a few pictures of my new dress. I got it the night before at a clothes swap with my gal pals. The clothes swap was a super fun time, almost everyone left with a bag or two of new to them clothes and we still had lots left over to donate. 
I am a clotheshorse, I admit it. I love clothes almost as much as life and voracious thrift items. I almost never buy new clothes, I've made or thrifted almost my whole closet. I love the thrill of thrifting, you never know what you'll find.
Anyway, back to this dress. I like pastels on other people but not so much on myself so I find it kind of funny that two of my favorite summer dresses are in this pretty shade of mint. I love vintage fashion, especially the 1960s, so I was drawn to this dress the second I saw it, I even thought it was vintage at first. I slipped it on and all the girls agreed it needed to go home with me. It is quite rare for me to find this style that fits both my bust and my hips.
Originally I planned to style this with a large vintage beaded necklace, bangles, and my retro hoop earrings but in honor of International cat day I wore a cute kitty brooch and earrings set I also picked up at the clothes swap.
I think this was the best bouffant I have ever done, it lasted all day without flattening out. I gave my roots a generous spritz of good quality dry shampoo before teasing then hit it with some extra firm hold hair spray. When Fall rolls around I may style my hair like this more often.

Outfit Details:

Scarf- Vintage,The Other Side
Dress- From a friend
Shoes-  BAIT

Eye shadow- Urban Decay
Liner- Elf Cream Liner
Lips- Studded Kiss in Noble
Blush- Hikari in Tango
Hair- Pravana Red (slightly faded)
Nails: Formula X in Monumental

On a sad note- our sweet hamster crossed the rainbow bridge Sunday morning. She died from natural causes, most likely old age. She had been having trouble breathing and had possibly gone blind over the last week so we knew she was close to leaving us. It was only 13 months since she was brought to us in a shoe box cranky and pregnant. We gave her a happy life, I often wonder how long she had been stuck in a cramped space at a pet store and forced to breed. We had only just bought her a hamster ball, she loved rolling around and chasing the cats, I am sad that we didn't get her one sooner, it brought her such joy. We buried her under the tree we planted on top of our dear Mercury when he was taken from us. 

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015


I eat lunch out once a week with Hubby and his friends, normally I pick Indian but the last few weeks I've had a killer Mexican craving so I've been out on Tuesdays instead of Thursdays.
I put a whole mermaid outfit together and headed down to the art park to get photos by the mermaid in a big mural. When I arrived, to my horror, the business had recently put in windows that decapitated the beautiful mermaid. I ended up moving a building down and taking photos in front of a beautiful shutter. After snapping the photos I had some time left over so I got to browse around my favorite vintage/everything shop, I found a cute Gap cardigan for $2. 
Summer advice- don't wear a wig in the summer
 This "dress" (how anything this short can be called a dress is beyond me) is one of my favorite summer buys. In the first week I had it I had already worn it 4 times, that is how much I love it. I bought it for a whopping $17 including shipping on Amazon. The size description listed the "dress" as 42 inches long, I measured it when it arrived and it was around 30 inches. Oh well, it is easy peasy to slip on over leggings and one of my go-to outfits for summer, I plan to put a cardigan over it in fall too and maybe switch out flats for boots.

Outfit details:

Wig/flower- eBay, old
Dress- Amazon
(different seller but the same product, they have the correct length listed)
Leggings- Danskin
Flats- Payless

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Monday, August 3, 2015

High Tide

A friend of ours is traveling out of country for an amazing work opportunity and is going to be gone for three months. For her last weekend in town a small group of us went to the beach. We chose Alligator point since it is quiet and clean.

 I've been struggling with low body confidence lately which is really odd for me. Even though I have lost four of the eight pounds I've been trying to lose I have still felt bloated and unhappy. I will say though, nothing boosts your confidence like a sweet rainbow monokini :) I found this beauty at the Salvation Army for $3! I didn't think I'd fit in it because it was marked a size smaller than I normally take but when I put it on I knew I had to have it. This bathing suit reminds me of my Lisa Frank filled childhood.  
The shorts were thrifted, I had bought a pair at Walmart the year prior for canoeing and they have turned out to be my favorite lounge shorts. I was excited when I found another pair.
 I had freshly dyed my hair the day prior because I didn't think I would be getting my hair wet. Little did I know, as soon as I stepped in after these photos I got sucker punched in the face by a huge wave.

Alligator Point is on the Gulf coast and normally doesn't have many big waves, but on Saturday there were waves that were several feet over our tall guy's heads. Storms along the coast must have been the culprit, it also caused very high tides. We had to move our camp several times and ended up leaving a little earlier than planned because the water ate the whole beach.
At one point during some big waves Hubby felt something large hit his leg. The water is so dark at the point you can't see what is in the water. We brushed it off as being a big fish but after another big wave hit something knocked Hubby off his feet and swam completely under him. We were all terrified, our minds all jumped to a shark. As soon as hubby was able to stand up we all ran up to shore to see if we could spot a fin. We never saw a fin so we figured it might have been a big ray, rays and skates are quite prevalent in the area. Soon we ventured back into the water, upon entering we overheard some people near by saying that there was a manatee. Sure enough, we spotted the tell tale nose surface for air. The manatee must have come in close to head up the river and stopped to graze on the large amounts of seaweed that washed in. We gave the manatee plenty of space (Floridian's all know it's illegal to pet or bother a manatee) but we enjoyed it's company for about 45 minutes.

 The ghost crabs weren't happy about the high tides, they were running for cover in the dunes. They were adorable as they swam through the tidal pools and skittered across our towels.

I did get a small burn on my left shoulder and a tad bit along my hair line but other than that I did pretty well.

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