Friday, July 10, 2015


Yesterday we attended a surprise birthday dinner for a friend's birthday. I was home alone since Hubby was helping a friend move after work so I headed out from the house early to take some outfit photos, I left plenty early because I planned to have fun taking photos. I chose the Kleman Plaza fountain since I realized I hadn't ever taken photos for the blog there. There weren't any close parking spots so I walked a few blocks down and no sooner than I set up the tripod I started getting hassled for money by transients. I couldn't set up the shot I wanted either since they were sitting on the benches that would be seen in the shot. I managed  to get a few quick pictures before I hiked back to my car hot and unhappy. I will be go back to get pictures there again but I'll be sure to have Hubby or a friend with me. I used to spend a lot of time at that plaza in the evening, now I don't want to be alone there even in the daylight.

Outfit Details:

Earrings- Claires, old
Bracelet/purse- vintage
Dress- Made by me
(Butterick 5982, fabric from
Belt- Target
Shoes- Old

My poor shoes had to be retired after last night, they were on their last leg and had been repaired several times already. They were my first pair of shoes I bought after I lost weight and a shoe size.


Ponytail - hair shop
Bandanna- craft store

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